Sterling Alternator to Battery Charger 12v 210A


Sterling Alternator to Battery Charger 12v 210A

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Charge your batteries over 5 times faster, input 50% extra power plus de-sulphate the batteries and make them last longer.

Here are some of the features you get with a Sterling product;
1) Battery temperature sensing.
2) Alternator temperature sensing: This disengages the unit in the event of the alternator temperature getting too high, it then re-engages the unit when the alternator cools down.
3) Battery sensor: The system battery sensor is built into the unit and is connected to the battery out terminal. An extension cable can, however, be fitted to sense the voltage at the battery thus improving the performance slightly in the event of long cable runs.
4) Ignition start: Some alternators require a voltage on the alternator to start up. A split diode will prevent such an alternator from working. However, there is a built in device to overcome this problem in the event of such an alternator type being used.
5) Optional remote control: This offers full set-up information, plus voltages and temperatures of all the relevant places, as per the digital alternator regulator.
6) Current measurement: This unit, as standard, does not measure current. However, if the optional remote control is purchased it can measure the current to the domestic system (on both remote models). The remote on the 160-210A models can also measure the alternator and starter battery currents it comes complete with 2 x pre-wired shunts that enable 2 currents to be monitored and the third current to be derived from the first two using the embedded software. The end package is a very simple and easy to install with all the performance and safety features of the most expensive Advanced Alternator Regulator, but with an extremely simple and convenient installation method.

Size L x W x D mm 250 x 280 x 70

Weight: 3.5

Matching your alternator system to the correct unit:
The alternator to battery number refers to the maximum total amps the unit can be supplied with. Example: AB1280 is 80A (only alternator(s) of a total of 80A or lower can be used. 2 x 40A is fine).


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