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The CVC Roadii FireGrill One *NEW 2020 MODEL

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The Classic Campervanculture Roadii has just got better.  It is a complete portable fire cooking system, perfect for wild camping, overland travel, or just get together’s with family and friends. You have seen us use this set up many times in our videos.

Set up in seconds, the Lightweight Roadii can be used just about anywhere and features the “” stainless steel plate, which obviously makes the food taste better!

7 in stock


The Grill we know and love has just got better.  You may have seen us using the Roadii in our videos. The Firegrill one is a complete portable fire cooking system, perfect for wild camping, overland travel, or just get together’s with family and friends.  We love that it can be set up in seconds and it instantly provides that campfire vibe we all desire.

This is perfect for use where you want to cook and have a campfire that doesn’t burn or damage the ground. The firepit consists of a tripod with three two part legs,  wheel hearth and height adjustable stainless steel 40cm cooking grill, featuring the “” logo.

The tripod contains the clever single handed operation grill height adjustment system and has a new hook at the top for the chains or for a pot to be hung etc. This enables you to place the grill at the perfect cooking height without burning your fingers or risking your food ending up on the floor after a fumbled grab with a tea towel.

We think things you buy should last. The CVC Roadii Firegrill One uses quality materials of heavier gauge that’s why Roadii offer a limited lifetime guarantee* on this product. This is not the same as the imported products, this is made in Britain from a solid stainless steel plate and it comes direct from the steel mill with a great natural finish, so we leave it that way.  These are made in batches using local suppliers supporting local jobs and keeping product miles low.

Packed size = 45 x 45 x 28cm

Built size = 80 x 80 x 140cm

Weight = 13kg


Video shows the pre 2020 model,

*Product needs to be registered with Roadii here within 30days of purchase



2 reviews for The CVC Roadii FireGrill One *NEW 2020 MODEL

  1. acbower

    Just returned from a road trip around Scotland with the CVC Roadii Lightweight Grill. Simple to erect, great size and easy to store. Poles remain cool even with a fire in full swing which allows you to move this if needed due to wind direction. Tough to get grill on when fire is hot (to be expected). Would recommend as a great BBQ and firepit!

  2. Paul (verified owner)

    Had the roadii lightweight grill for over a year 1/2 now and it has been a constant companion in the van around the NC500 and UK and France it has served us as a campfire,BBQ,cooker(dutch oven) and a focal point for many conversations with like minded guys admiring this great functional piece of kit we love it, just be aware of wind direction and awning .
    we lower the grill onto the fire to sort the spark problems.

    Cheers guys great service also

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