Black finish

1 x 450ml aerosol


Use 1K RAPTOR aerosols to touch up your lower panels, wheel arches, bumpers, roll bars and many other vulnerable areas.

3 X Tougher Than Other 1K Aerosols!

Raptor multi-use protective coating protects a variety of surfaces from impact, scratches, corrosion and water damage. Ideal for vehicles, trailers, railings, stairs, metal furniture and more. Its 1K formulation gives a durable, abrasion resistant finish with excellent adhesion to metal, aluminium, fibreglass, plastic and wood. Clog free nozzle and easy to use, it dries to form an attractive, textured finish that resists fading from the sun.

> Textured finish
> Durable and gives good corrosion resistance
> Excellent adhesion to prepared metal, aluminium, fibreglass, plastic and wood
> Ideal for both the automotive and DIY market
> No need for an air-fed mask or spray booth