Ram Mounts X-grip/Touch Claw Handlebar Mount


Product Description

A very effective mounting system with a powerful grip-claw for securely holding your mobile phone. Screws easily onto the handlebars of a variety of vehicles like, motorbikes, snowmobiles or any other 1.6- 3 cm cylindrical object. Spring-loaded, rubber-clad gripping arms for easy attaching and secure smartphone mounting. Even accommodates mobiles with their cases fitted.

Made of heavy-duty composite plastic and vibration-tested high-strength composite.

  • Powerful grip-claw for securely holding your mobile phone.
  • For mounting onto various types of handlebars found on motorbikes, cycles, scooters, etc.
  • Even holds smartphones with cases on them.
  • Made of high-strength composite – vibration tested for holding tight even under extreme conditions.


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