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Imagine having the ability to quickly move your vehicle awning from one position on the roof rack to another where shade or shelter is needed. Or imagine moving the awning from one vehicle’s roof rack to another in seconds. Well, that is exactly what this Awning Rack Bracket does, and it works in conjunction with the Quick Release Awning Mount Kit.

10 in stock

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This product works in conjunction with a Quick Release Awning Mount Kit RRAC222 *sold separately. The Quick Release Awning Rack Brackets allows the you to move your awning in various configurations on your Slimline II rack, without moving any base brackets. These 2 low profile base brackets are bolted onto the Slimline II rack, while 2 self-aligning bushes preinstalled on your awning, fit and securely latch. Once these brackets are installed on a Front Runner Rack, no additional tools are needed to remove or refit the awning. Simply release the 2 latches and lift the awning away in seconds. No more wrenching in tight spaces during the “off-season” or time-consuming weekday removal of the awning. This strong and ”rattle-free” mounting system is built off-road tough for use with Front Runner Racks. Works with all Front Runner Awnings and other popular awning brands like Eezi-Awn, Oz Tent, etc. Safely secured in place using 2 latches with built-in safety catch. For added peace of mind, lock your latches in place using RRAC134. The brackets are small, unobtrusive and can be left on the roof rack when the awning is not mounted. No awning modification required. Weight limit: 20kg (44.1lbs). Note: Not suitable for 270 degree awnings. Note: This Quick Release Awning Rack Bracket is not compatible with RRAC169 (Quick Release Awning Mount Kit).


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