Omnia Stove-Top Camping Oven ULTIMATE Extra Value Package


Our extra value package has just had an upgrade!  Featuring a dual silicone insert and the latest cook book.

Make a big saving with our extra value package which contains the stove-top oven, dual silicone inserts, roasting rack and the latest cookery book.  We also include an omnia black bag, to keep it all together!

UK ORDERS ARE USUALLY NEXT DAY DELIVERY. We don’t take pre orders and leave you hanging for months, If these are showing in stock we actually have them in stock ready to ship. 

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We’re very happy to now be one of the UK’s main stockists of the excellent Omnia stove top oven. Omnia is the clever small oven allowing you to create oven-baked meals and casseroles when away from home, either directly on the gas flame, with the spirit stove or on the hotplate. An easy, affordable and space-saving way of preparing anything that you could make in a normal oven. Ideal for boats, campervans, camping trips, allotments and anywhere else where no oven is available.

Almost everything you can heat, bake or cook in a traditional oven can now be cooked on your stove.


With the Omnia oven you can serve freshly baked breads and tasty casseroles cooked on your hot plate. The Omnia is easy to use, requires no installation and can be used on virtually all hot plates: gas, electricity, kerosene etc. NB! The enamelled based Omnia should not be used on ceramic hobs as the enamel can damage the hob. The Omnia is a popular cooking solution for yachts, caravans, motor homes, tents and holiday cottages – if you have an Omnia you have an oven!


The ingenious three-part Omnia utilises heat from the stove and generates both top and bottom heat. A circular aluminium food container with centre hole sits on a matching stainless steel support that is placed over the heat source. The heat spreads along the bottom of the food container and as it rises the specially designed lid with ventilation hole diverts the heat over the top of the container.


Use the Omnia to bake-off your baguettes and croissant for breakfast – a great way to start the day! 

Breads and cakes
Bake your own favourites or use our recipes, some of which were created by Young Swedish Baker of the Year Jeanette Sjöö. 

Gluten-free Bread
Try your own recipe.

Pies and Gratinates
It has been said that a potato gratin baked in the Omnia produces a far better taste. 

It takes just ten minutes on a low heat to bake salmon with gorgonzola using the Omnia. See our website for a great fish pie recipe from England. 

The delicious Calzone turnover pizza takes 35-40 minutes in the Omnia. 

 Try the tasty German Meatloaf or delicate bacon and cheese filled pork fillet from Sweden; and the English Shepherd’s Pie is always a family favourite. 

Baked Potatoes
Bake the potatoes in your Omnia and just add your favourite mouth-watering filling. 

Cakes and deserts
Tempt family and friends to a delectable cheesecake. 


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