The team have been using the omnia for a while now and there are a few things we noticed…

There are times when the silicone insert is perfect.  Bread, cakes, lasagna and anything that’s generally wet when baking.  The silicone insert makes it very easy to clean and having two silicone inserts means you can have one for sweet and one for savoury.

But.. there are times when we don’t like to use the silicone insert.  Traditional oven roasting foods, such as roast potatoes, roasted vegetables and beer snacks!  These can be super quick and easy to cook, but they can sometimes be a pain to clean up afterwards, especially if you have had a few beers and you are getting low on water.  That’s why omnia are now doing these foil dish inserts.  You can roast away, without the fear of the dishes piling up.  We have reused these a few times, so you can get more than 5 cooks out of them. We have also stored cooked foods in these and put them in our freezer or fridge, so we can simply pop them back into the omnia to reheat, when we are short on time or effort.

Perfect for when space and water is a premium!