Our “extreme” canister series – for camping, overlanding, offroad

A canister that survives every adventure undamaged? One that is so stable that you can drive over it with your travel vehicle and use it as a sand tray? And that at temperatures from minus to plus 50 degrees?

There’s no such thing? But there is! The “extreme” and “extreme drive” canisters

From camping to expedition

Even though the canisters have the name “extreme” – they are often called “expedition”. Normal plastic canisters lose their stability in extreme heat or cold. They either become soft or brittle and then tend to deform or crack.

However, the canisters “extreme” do not let you down. No matter whether you use them in the Sahara at 50 degrees in the shade or in wintry Siberia at minus 50 degrees – they stay tight and in shape!

Especially the flat versions are well suited to use them in an emergency as a kind of sand tray. Due to their stability, tables or benches can also be built from them. A filled canister can carry up to 400 kg.

The equipment

This variant of the canister comes with a flexible pouring spout. To protect against dirt that could get into your fuel system, this is stored inside the canister. This gives dirty fingers when mounting, but no engine damage due to penetrated, grinding grains of sand or the like. Especially when off-roading or off-road driving, such soiling can otherwise hardly be avoided. With this type of storage, you also always know very securely where your grommet is, it can not be lost.

This variant of the canister series also offers you the advantage of a second opening. This means that you do not have to remove the spout for filling or that other accessories can simply remain mounted on the second opening.

For example, if you are transporting water and using the canister as a camping shower, the shower attachment (see separate accessories) can simply remain mounted on one opening while filling through the other.

Instructions for use for transport and storage of fuels

  • Please keep containers filled with fuels away from fires, burners, stoves, heaters, electric motors and other sources of fire and do not smoke while using them. Vapors from fuels can explode on contact with sparks and fire, even if the ignition source is at a greater distance.
  • Store out of reach of children and in a well-ventilated area, away from living space or vehicle. Also, use should always be outdoors.
  • When the canister is not in use, it must be kept closed.
  • Never aspirate fuel by mouth.
  • Store upright.
  • To avoid cracks: Make sure that the canister inflates and contracts several times in succession. Avoiding inflation and contraction of the canister may cause cracking.


Attention: embossing, inscriptions – Germany vs. Russia

Actual content and embossed volume indication may differ.

We ourselves measured as follows: 7l = 6,5l / 14l = 13,5l / 18,5l = 17l

RKK approval / UN packaging marking

The marking as “approved canister for fuels or dangerous goods” is simply unknown in Russia. For this reason, the canisters are not marked with a corresponding Label.

Therefore, our canisters “extreme drive” may be filled only with non-hazardous substances in the area of road traffic regulations.

Locally, a certain canister color or other markings may be prescribed for hazardous goods (i.e. also for fuels). Please take this into account when making your selection.

Food and drinking water approval

The Russian certificates for the transport of drinking water, have no validity in our country. There is no corresponding certificate from a recognized authority in Germany.

Generelle Abweichungen

The manufacturer reserves the right to make minor changes to the product, so the canisters may differ slightly from the photo or product description.

This does not change the popularity and robustness of the canister series extremely drive. However, we want to draw attention to the fact that the Russian manufacturer sometimes does not meet our German accuracy 100%.



Item number:
Product weight:
3,30 kg
Dimensions packing ( l × w × h ):
35,00 × 75,00 × 8,00 cm


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