Offroad canister “extreme” with vent valve blue 14l


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Canister series “extreme” – Ultra practical, off-road, stackable. With vent valve for easier filling and emptying.

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Canister “extreme” – Perfect companion for camping and overlanding

These extremely sturdy canisters can transport more than just water and fuel. They can carry up to 400 kg when full, which makes them ideal for many a spontaneous project. Whether you want to set up additional tables or benches in the camp, or need a sand plate to recover a vehicle – The canister “extreme” are so stable that you can even drive over it.

Whatever climate you travel to

These canisters are also often called “expedition” because they retain their stability even under enormous climatic conditions. They neither become soft at 50 degrees heat, nor brittle and fragile at 50 degrees cold.

With vent valve

The canister equipment with vent valve allows you a comfortable handling both when filling and emptying.

Take a look at the other equipment variants to find the perfect canister for you. The “extreme drive” series also includes, for example, canister variants with flexible spouts or combination canisters for the simultaneous transport of several different liquids!


There is a wide range of accessories to match our extreme drive canisters, making them even more versatile. With shower attachments or water taps, for example, they make an excellent outdoor bathroom or complement your camping kitchen.


To keep dirt out of your vehicle and to always have good access to the canisters, you will find suitable mounting accessories for the outside of the vehicle in our range. The canisters are even stackable and thus extremely space-saving to install.

Important for transport and storage of hazardous materials (fuels)

  • Keep away from fire, burners, stoves, heaters, electric motors and other sources of fire! Do not smoke during use! Fuel vapors can explode in interaction with sparks and fire sources even at a greater distance!
  • Must not be accessible to children.
  • Do not store in the vehicle or in the living room, but always use in a well-ventilated place and only outdoors.
  • Keep canister closed between uses.
  • Do not aspirate fuel by mouth.
  • Fully tighten cap during long-term storage of fuels and lubricants in a canister without valve.
  • Store upright.
  • Avoid repeated inflation and contraction of the canister, may cause cracking.


Attention: embossing, inscriptions – Germany vs. Russia

Differences between printed volume and re-measured volume:

We have re-measured the following volumes: 7l = 6,5l / 14l = 13,5l / 18,5l = 17l


Approvals and certifications:

The marking as “approved reserve canister for fuels” is unknown in Russia. These canisters are therefore not equipped with markings such as an RKK approval or a UN packaging marking.

Therefore, the canisters are not allowed for dangerous goods in the area of road traffic regulations.

When selecting the canister colour, please note that there may be local labeling requirements depending on the (hazardous) liquid filled. In addition, further labeling may be mandatory.


Transportation and storage of drinking water and food

The canisters “extreme” are approved in Russia for the transport of food. However, this approval is not recognized in Germany. There is no certificate from a German authority.

General deviations

The manufacturer reserves the right to minor deviations in production. That is, the canisters may possibly differ slightly or in certain details from the photo or product description.

This does not change the popularity and robustness of the canister series extremely drive. However, we want to draw attention to the fact that the Russian manufacturer sometimes does not meet our German accuracy 100%.


Color: blue
volume: 14 Liter
features: can be driven over with valve
Product weight: 2,80 kg
Dimensions packing ( l × w × h ): 35,00 × 75,00 × 8,00 cm


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