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Offroad canister “extreme” black 18,5l


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Basic model of our extremely robust canister series. So stable that you can drive over them and stackable to mount on the outside of the vehicle.

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Canister “extreme” – for high demands on load capacity and service life

These canisters will not let you down, no matter how hard the tour. You can transport more than just fuel or water with them.

Due to their extreme stability, the canisters even help you out of a tight spot when a sand tray is needed. When full, they can bear loads of up to 400 kg, which means you can use them as a starting aid. The flat models are particularly well suited for this purpose. However, sturdier variants can also compensate well for a hole in the floor and thus prevent sensitive parts of the vehicle floor from touching down with resulting damage.

Full use in all weather conditions

From desert expeditions to Siberian exploration in winter – the canisters “extreme” and “extreme drive” neither become soft in heat nor brittle and fragile in cold. They can be used in temperatures ranging from -50 to 50 degrees. It is not for nothing that they like to be called “expedition”.

Even more possibilities

There is a range of accessories suitable for our off-road canisters that makes them usable for many purposes. These include flexible nozzles for diesel and gasoline as well as shower attachments or water taps.

Check out our other equipment options, such as those that directly include the grommet or a bleed valve.



The canisters can be stacked on the outside of the vehicle to save space. So the dirt stays away from the inside of your travel vehicle and the canisters are always handy.

Attention: Store and transport diesel and gasoline

  • Keep away from fire, burners, stoves, heaters, electric motors and other sources of fire! Do not smoke during use! Fuel vapors can explode in interaction with sparks and fire sources even at a greater distance!
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not store hazardous materials in vehicle or living space, the storage location must be well ventilated. The use must be outdoors only.
  • Keep canister closed when not in use.
  • Do not aspirate hazardous substances by mouth.
  • Fully tighten cap during long-term storage of fuels and lubricants in a canister without valve.
  • Store upright.
  • Repeated inflation and contraction of canisters must be avoided as this may cause cracking.


Canister minting – Germany vs. Russia

Attention, the printed volume differs from the actual filling quantity, the cause may be translation Errors.

We have determined the following values ourselves: 7l = 6.5l / 14l = 13.5l / 18.5l = 17l


Approvals / Packaging marking

The marking as “approved reserve canister for fuel” (RKK) is completely unknown in Russia. The canisters are therefore not equipped with the appropriate markings prescribed here.

The canisters are therefore only to be used off the road as reserve canisters (for hazardous goods). In the area of the German road traffic regulations, they may only be filled with non-hazardous liquids.

Please note that there may also be local labeling requirements. Specific colors for certain liquids or other labeling must be considered when using canisters for hazardous materials.

Certification drinking water / food

The canisters have a Russian approval for the transport of food. This is not valid in Germany. There is no expert opinion from a German authority.


General deviations

The manufacturer reserves that the production may be subject to minor changes. The canisters may therefore differ slightly (in color or certain details) from the picture or product description. This does not change the quality of the off-road canisters and their popularity in the scene. However, we want to draw attention to the fact that Russian and German accuracy and assessment are sometimes not the same.


Color: black
volume: 18,5 Liter
features: can be driven over
Product weight: 3,30 kg
Dimensions packing ( l × w × h ): 35,00 × 83,00 × 8,00 cm


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