High Quality Removable Solar Kit To Fit CVC Supplied Front Runner Expedition Roof Racks


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Another CampervanCulture.com exclusive product to compliment the VW T25, T3, Vanagon Westfalia & Sprinter Expedition Aluminium Front Runner Roof Racks we supply.

Background – After using this very set up for over a year we are proud to launch this high quality bit of kit. Because we too actually use the vehicles you drive we know what will actually work and most of all will last. We use compressor fridges in our vehicles. Some people permanently fix panels to their vehicles roofs and to get the most from the suns power you need to park the vehicle in the sun. Due to this the inside of the vehicle gets super hot and the fridge works overtime and it is actually counter productive to do this as you gain very little. With this set up it allows you to park the vehicle in the shade when in very hot conditions, turn the 4 eyelets on the corner brackets to remove the panel. The kit comes with a 12M lead that allows you to pop the panel in the hot sun while you and the vehicle sits in the cool shade. Because the panel is easily removed you can also tilt it when parked up in the sun to get the optimum angle. The panel can be fitted low down so it is under the top line of the roof rack for protection or slightly higher if you don’t go crashing through trees that often.

The Panel –  Ever noticed the wiring on cheap panels that puts a shadow over the cell? These all-black solar panels contain high efficiency Sunpower solar cells – A company that holds the world record for energy production produces them in this size for us. With the unique back-contact feature that exposes the entire cell to sunlight, and then the middle and back of the cell to convert that captured light into the maximum energy output available – this increased efficiency (up to 22%) means you get more power and energy from this smaller-sized panel. With back-contact solar cells attached to a black-mounting sheet, this 100W solar panel is very discreet.

The rest of the kit – This contains, solar charge controller and display, loom from panel to controller, loom from main battery in the bank, entry gland, corner fixing brackets and fixing bolts with drill bit tip, quickly removable eyelets for bracket to roof rack connection, 12m extension connector to allow the panel to be put on the ground. The loom length is for the battery bank to be situated under the back seat or in the bottom of the wardrobe in a VW T25 Westfalia van.



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