Gear Reduction Starter Motor (Manual Syncro) From Gowesty


These things are so awesome that you might consider replacing your working starter motor!



All around us budget parts or cheap make do alternatives are creeping in and becoming the norm these days with a lot of the vendors selling VW T25 parts. CVC is in the fortunate position that we don’t need to do this and invest our time into bringing the best products to the table here in the UK.  This starter motor from Gowesty is the very best starter motor we could find and after bringing them over on pre orders before we finally bit the bullet and now stock them.

When it comes time to replace your starter, we strongly recommend upgrading to a new and improved GoWesty gear reduction starter. Shoot, these things are so awesome that you might consider replacing your working starter now just so you don’t end up stranded somewhere in the future.

Product highlights:
• More powerful
• More reliable
• Exclusive mounting flange ensures ample clearance for a perfect fit
• Exclusive bolted-on trigger wire design
• Self-supported shaft design

These exclusive GoWesty starters are way more powerful and reliable. These are not like other starters you might see offered elsewhere. Our exclusive GoWesty design features a bolted-on trigger wire for maximum reliability. Not only is the less-than-secure original connection at the solenoid eliminated, but the connection to the factory wiring is relocated to the engine compartment where it is much easier to access—and it will stay clean and dry. In addition, it features an self-supported shaft design: The original Bosch starter for manual transaxles is not a self-supported design. Instead, it relies on a small bushing that is pressed into the bell housing of the transaxle. This bushing is very difficult to replace with the engine in place. Our new starter design for both AT and MT has this bushing built-in, which is what makes it a self-supported design, eliminating one possible failure point that is difficult to diagnose and repair.

For the full story on the development of this starter—and our lengthy experience with various iterations of Vanagon and Bus starters—we encourage you to read this article.

Tech notes:
• Features 4.44:1 gear reduction ratio
• Smaller, more efficient motor than Bosch design
• Produces 1.4kw units, which is 40% more power than the Bosch design, but draws 20% lessamperage

Fitment notes:
• Fits all petrol powered WBX Syncro vans.
• Will NOT fit diesel!

IMPORTANT WARRANTY NOTE: This starter is NOT warranted when used in conjunction with engine conversions (Bostig, Subaru, etc.).

Sold outright. No core charge!

NOTE: Don’t be fooled! GoWesty starters are proprietary—you will not find this starter anywhere else. Sure, there are other vendors selling the same brand of gear reduction starter, but they’re not the same higher-output units we carry. Also, we have ensured the correct body positioning specific to Syncro application. These exclusive starters feature a unique high-reliability electrical connection you won’t find elsewhere. GoWesty—we’ve got your back!


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