Firegrill Kit Bag – (All Firegrills 2020 onwards)


This is the perfect storage option for your roadii.  Keep your camper clean and organised with this bespoke bag.  A compartment for each part, it also keeps your roadii protected on the road.

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If you are going to be carrying your Firegrill around overlanding or on camping trips you need one of these.

We know a fully loaded Firegrill 3 is a substantial bit of kit to carry around, so roadii designed the heavy weight polyester bag with a pair of strong webbing handles that allow two people to share the load.

Inside, each component has been given its own bag or pouch for storage and protection. This stops components rubbing against each other, moving around and causing damaging when in transit.

When packed, your Firegrill will only take up an amazingly small amount of space, just 40cm x 40cm x 23cm , easily fitting into the smallest car boot.

Features include:-

  • Double handled zipped outer carry bag
  • Grill and Warmshelf protective sleeve
  • Tripod roll storage wallet in two parts
  • Cookpot drawstring drum storage bag
  • Chain tidy bag


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