Here is what we say about our rock sliders,

New for 2022 are our new style rock sliders. These are not going to replace our CVC original curve style rock sliders as people love those things as they are both tough as hell and look fantastic with the curved ends. This is just a new style for 2022 giving you more choice when buying from us. Our new ‘Straight Impact’ rock sliders are as every bit as tough and stylish as the ‘Original Curved Style Rock Sliders’ but with a sharper design. These give you a touch more clearance for vans with wider arches and are a bit cheaper due to the hours of labour time it takes to get those bends on the ‘Original Curved Style Rock Sliders’. They are the same superb quality with new dynamic styling to those end sections.

These Sill Protectors / Rock sliders are built of tough stuff. They’re crafted from heavy gauge tubing so that they can really take a beating from anything that might be trying to cause some damage to the sills of your van, whether that be some trees or rocks if you are out in the wilds in your Syncro/2WD Adventure Camper or those pesky bollards or other peoples car doors in fuel stations and supermarket car parks on your 2 wheel drive van.

They are very simple to fit requiring only a couple of holes to be drilled per slider in the chassis legs for the mounting brackets and hardware. They have built in locators for a High Lift jack, enabling easy jacking up of your van, this means easy use of a High Lift Jack without having to have an additional adapter for the Jack. The bars are easily strong enough to enable lifting of the vehicle and position the jack safely away from its body panels.

They have been blasted and powder coated black and fitted with an aluminium checker plate riveted to the top which is not just decorative but stops a large amount of road filth being sprayed up the side of your van.

Whether you own any type of 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive T3 T25 or Vanagon these bars look great and provide fantastic protection for its delicate sills.

Total weight 14KG

Did you know we also do a side ladder that is made to fit and work with our Rock Sliders? Well we do and they are mighty fine too.. Those can be found in the related items below or by clicking HERE.

Fitting video here for our ‘Original Curved Style Rock Sliders’ but the principle is the same for both styles,