These extension cable sets come as a pair that extend your solar cable between MC4 connectors to the desired distance. Perfect for if you wish to connect your roof mounted panel to our CVC Produced VW T25 T3 Vanagon Engine Vent Charge Point Cover. Simply push connect one end of this cable set to the black MC4 connectors on your solar panel and then measure the distance you requre to the MC4 connector on the point you want to connect to at the other end and select your length from the drop down box. Then Robert is your fathers brother!

Hey how does this one sound.. Why not make your solar panel install removable? Why? Because you can take the panel off the roof and park your van in the shade where it is cool and your compressor fridge won’t be running overtime. You can then pop the panel in the sun and angle it for maximum yield throughout the day when parked up for a few days. This cable set will allow you to do that too.