Campervan Culture T3,T25,Vanagon License Plate LED bulb


Direct replacements for the standard bulbs in the T3/T25/Vanagon license plate lights..

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Direct replacement for the standard bulb in the T3/T25/Vanagon license plate lights.  It uses a fraction of the power of an original bulb (0.12W) and as such generates practically no heat whatsoever.

Each bulb – 5LED’s – 3528SMD (1chip)
Beam Pattern – 120 degree
Output – 35-40LM
Power Consumption – 0.12W
Operating Voltage – 9~14.8 VDC
CE certified

The contacts on your bulb holder can be crusty, this happens with age and you get a very small amount of fuzz on them. This usually isn’t a problem with the original power hungry bulb as they draw so much currant they just power through the crud. If you get some sand paper and roll it up into a cigarette size tube with the rough side outwards just pop it in the holder and give it a wiggle to give you clean metal as a contact.

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