All our straps are made in the UK from the highest quality polyester webbing.

These Cam Buckle straps use a pull-to-tighten system which prevents over tightening and damage to cargo.
225kgs breaking strain capacity, cam buckles offer considerable holding force and ease of tightening. Colour coded so that when you pull out your bunch of strap spaghetti you know exactly what colour is for what job saving you time and stress.

2m yellow strap fits Westfalia roofs front to back so up to three of them can be used using the existing factory loops.
3m red strap fits Westfalia roofs side to side so up to one of these can be used using the existing factory loops.
5m blue strap can be used as a general strap for bike racks, roof racks using our Westfalia style roof gutter extender brackets, and 101 other uses.

Applications: Versatile straps for many uses including roof racks, trailers, tying down awnings etc

Material: Polyester 25mm

Fittings: Strong zinc plated cam buckle with optional claw hook

Tonnage: 450kg

Break strain: 225kg

Length: 5 Metre

Colour: Black