ARB are part of history when it comes to off road lighting.  Their products are designed from the ground up and provide the quality that’s tested to the harsh conditions of the outback.  We love ARB as a brand and we are pleased to extend our offering to their lighting range.

With the iconic and original red surround, they let everyone know that you should be the one leading the pathway ahead.

Here’s the lowdown on the AR40C

It’s a combination beam.  This means it offers spot lights and flood lights, within one bar.  This is generally considered the optimum solution for most people.  It provides drivers with a light that offers both improved long distance and peripheral illumination.

The ARB40 Intensity LED Light Bar contains 40 individual LEDs (two rows of 20 LED lights) encased in a virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens and finished in a textured polyester powder coat – passing the ISO7253, 3000 hour salt spray test. With seamless integration to fit comfortably on the top tube of the bull bar whilst ensuring maximum light performance and endurance, the AR40’s extruded alloy housing wraps around the tube, providing a low profile that doesn’t obstruct the driver’s view of the road. Its unique tube clamp mounting system sits out of view and delivers incredible stability for off road use, eliminating vibration while being adjustable so that it won’t interfere with aerial mounting tabs, leaving them free to be used for their intended function. Performance is paramount, with a heat sink that has over 435,000mm2of surface area, allowing the light bar to operate at optimum efficiency even when the vehicle is stationary.

> Input – 9-36V DC
> Power – 115W
> Current draw – 8.0A at 14.4V
> Output – 9200 raw lumens
> Lux at 10m – 2889
> Spread – 20° flood /10° spot
> Operating temperature – -40°C to 63°C (-40°F to 145°F)
> Colour temperature – 5700K
> Weight – 3.98kg
> UV emissions – 0