This PV cable is as good as it gets – double insulated, highly flexible, UV resistant, abrasion-resistant, rated from -40 to 90C – this is some tough cable!

Ideal for use for connecting the DC side of grid-connect systems, rated at 85A maximum with a maximum voltage of 1kV DC. If you are going to the trouble of fitting a solar set up you need to use this correct cable. Cutting corners will compromise your panels output for sure.

Compatible with the 4mm connectors .

Sold by the metre, available in black only.


  • Conductor area: 6mm2
  • Conductor diameter: 3.1mm
  • Overall diameter: 7.4mm – 7.8mm
  • Weight: 111g/m
  • Min bending radius: 30mm
  • Rated voltage: 1.0kV DC
  • Max operating voltage: 1.8 kV DC
  • Max operating current (at 60C): 85A
  • Max ambient temp: 90C
  • Min ambient temp: -40C
  • Max tensile load: 15N/mm2


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