Additional Tray Slat For CVC Supplied Frontrunner Roof Racks



Spare slat that can be added to one of our CVC supplied  Front Runner Rack trays to create a solid tray surface. This is to fill in the gaps between slats on all of the racks that we supply.

  • Slats can be added to Rack Tray to create a solid surface for sleeping, sitting, additional support and extra mounting points.
  • This slat will work with all racks supplied by us just as long as you put in your order notes what rack you have to insure correct fitment.
  • Features T-slots on both the top and bottom faces.
  • The sliding nut T-slots allow for quick fitting and removal of accessories and equipment.
  • Made from the same black powder-coated aluminum as all of the CVC supplied Front Runner Racks we offer.


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