A multifunctional reinforced folding ramp, recovery track, levelling ramp, jack base. Can be quickly adjusted to different heights when using as a levelling wedge: Levelling can be achieved with 2 Unikos up to max 200 mm (in stages of approx. 40 mm). Wedge shape allows you to drive forwards and backwards, super grippy surface. An indispensable aid for everyone and for any purpose, whether for a campervan, camping, vehicle repairs or desert use with an 4×4 offroader.

Multiple functions:

  • 3 adjustable height settings (e.g. as a wheel chock)
  • Height adjustable by joints in 4cm increments
  • Leveling capacity up to 3.5T / wheel, truck up to 10T
  • Ride-on wedges on both sides make it easier to drive on
  • Large contact surface prevents sinking into soft ground
  • For blocking wheels.
  • Flexible traction aid.
  • Universal step.
  • Practical stool or safety stand
  • Very good grip on both sides, for moist soils like mud, snow also usable as repair stand on soft ground
  • High quality material polyamide with 30% glass fiber content
  • Weight about 7kg / piece
  • Unfolded length approx. 130cm x width 26cm
  • Cheaper than traditional plastic recovery  tracks

Box contents:

  • 2 x Uniko 6-in-1 Folding Ramp, Folding Plastic Sand Plate / Sand Board.
  • 8 x locking handles.
  • 2 x nylon bags


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