I dont even remember how it came about or even who mentioned it first or why but somehow during last year we all agreed the three of us with our families are going to explore North Africa in our Syncros from December 2013 onward. We had lots of planing to do but one thing was hanging over us and that us and all the people coming on the trip had never been all together at the same time in one place before and Harriet (Al’s partner) and Louise (Jed’s partner) had never even met before.
We decided to meet up and do a spot of camping for the weekend at www.wowo.co.uk and as luck would have it we picked the only time this year so far that had a generous amount of snow fall. We all got on great and had a great time but it was also time to test out some new equipment and even at this early stage we found a few faults with the things we need to trust. The cold weather killed Jake’s leisure batteries so they had no heating in the sub zero temperatures the first night (not so good when you have a baby only a few months old) and we tried to video the weekend and found cheap none brand memory cards hate the cold and stop working. Jake popped out on the Saturday morning and fitted new batteries that saw them through the rest of the weekend in comfort and I put the camera away due to the cheap memory cards and carried on enjoying the weekend planning and talking about what was going to follow over the next few months.

When we got home and back to work and school the following week Isaac (Jeds son aged 7) pulled his own small camera out of his pocket and after sitting down with him and popping a couple of photos in from the adults we made his first video together of the weekend we didn’t video.

So here goes, Isaac’s first Campervanculture video.

Pre Morocco trip first get together (through the eyes of Isaac aged 7) from CampervanCulture.com on Vimeo.