The standard interior light bulbs are not very bright at best and have usually deteriorated over time meaning that its pretty hard to see inside your van when you open a door. They are certainly not bright enough to read under without straining your eyes and if left on too long they can easily run down your battery.

We have soured these new type of LED (COB) as they give a uniform light output meaning that they give almost no glare, unlike normal LED’s which always produce a strong brightness/glare from the individual diodes.
This means they are more well suited to the interior of a T3/T25/Vanagon where occupants are always quite near the lights whether map reading, cooking etc etc.

They give off virtually no heat so the risk of fire is minimised and the power consumption is around 90% less than a standard bulb. This means you can leave them on all night and your battery will not be flat in the morning, even after a few nights of stationary camping. Ideal if you have small kids that like that bit of comfort to get them off to sleep.

No tools are required for fitting, simply remove your old bulb and fit the LED festoon bulb in its place.
These bulbs will fit any T3/T25/Vanagon, any Bay window 72 onwards or any festoon type light fitting with contact dimensions of 41-42mm.

They are one of our own products and make an excellent add on when ordering shirts or other heavier gear and can be bought via the web shop here.

Here is a short video so you can see how much better these make your camper van living,

interior LED from on Vimeo.

Grab your own bulbs below..