Did you know that we personally make in house the Westfalia decal sets we sell?

Thats right we make these with love for your Westfalia Joker, Club Joker, Top Joker, Sport Joker, VW LT Florida as well as VW Syncro models and much more. We don’t just get some local matey boy down the road who has a sticker shop to print these sets onto clear viynal for cheap so we can crank these out without any effort, we make these in the traditional way just like Westfalia did back in the day from quality materials. This is why you are not limited to stick our sets on white vans only but on all factory colours of van and more. We also do not cut out for the fuel filler point so they can be fitted to Syncro vans too.

Nice hey! A real difference between mass produced cheap options and our own made to order personal service and customer choice sets made with passion in the traditional way by a true family business.

Check us out in the short clip below making up a couple of Joker sets for a couple of customers. Our full range of Westfalia decal sets can be found by clicking HERE.