There are a lot of roof canvas options out there all around the world, they all have various pros and cons, some fit some don’t. We are always on the look out for quality products to add to our own web shop so you guys can buy with confidence.

Roof canvases, we have seen and fitted them all. Everything from drum tight “German quality” canvases with wonky windows that are most often too small and you start to get those wear marks where the holes appear down the sides because of the folding and over stretching, to the baggy ill fitting and leaky ones. We looked into this and now offer a great fitting canvas that is good quality and a consistent good fit, just like the original Westfalia roof canvas was. We just added side windows with nice curtain tie backs to improve your Westfalia sleeping experience.

This video shows us fitting a now no longer avalible in style canvas from our friends at Gowesty. Since then we have started to manufacture our very own one that can be viewed HERE or in the below related items.

GoWesty roof canvas from on Vimeo.