The decision was made to fly over the Atlantic once more only this time to attend the DELA Syncro event in BC Canada. There was no real plan to this trip and it was just a case of seeing what happened once I got off the aeroplane. The one thing I did know was that Nathan the owner of Vivid Vans fame and friend of ours was going to pick Jed up from the airport so a good time was pretty much guaranteed. Jed was totally blown away by the kindness of the Canadian people and was even given a Westfalia Syncro Vanagon (VW T25 T3) to use for most of the time he was in Canada! For free….

It was our first time in Canada and we were totally blown away with how many people both at the event and just by the side of the road recognised Jed and came over to say hi and thank us for the good work we do here at

Thanks for watching and we hope to see you some time on the road.