has been involved in some light sponsorship over the past few years with Syncrofest in California. This year we thought it would be fun for Jed to go out there to meet the people who follow what we do here and tie that in with hooking up with the main USA vendors that also contribute to the event that we also deal with loads.

There was some bonus time to be had either side of the event with visits to national parks before the event and a drive along Big Sur after the event in the rental airport minivan. The minivan proved to be a good cheap way of seeing this part of the world and was to become Jed’s home for the week! Solid friendships both old and new were cemented and formed over the duration of this amazing event at what has to be the most friendly VW van meet in the world. Why not check out what all the buzz is about and join us as we take you over to the Hollister hills in California and to Syncrofest 2019.

Come ride with us on this van trip with a difference,