Company History started by pure chance before it organically grew into the trusted brand it is today.

Jed and Lou spent the best part of the late 1990’s travelling the world with backpacks and met a lot of interesting people in interesting places. Fast forward to 2005 and Isaac was born, so the new family of 3 was on the look out for something to replace the two seat sports car that was now as much use as a chocolate teapot! At the end of the road where we lived, sat in someones driveway was a VW T25, T3, Vanagon, Kombi or whatever name you want to call it, and it was for sale. That van did us for a good few years and took us all over the place until Jed met a guy called Jake who lived in the same town.

Jake had a Syncro VW T25, T3, Vanagon, Kombi that we found out was 4WD! We were soon to realise that this 4wd VW Syncro van is what was now needed for those family camping trips. Jed and Lou had been messing around making very basic trip videos for a short while already and had got quite a big following on Youtube. Jed bought a Syncro Double cab and that was good to use in the summer with a roof tent but it wasn’t until Jed and Jake found a Syncro 4WD in a local car auction that things really changed. Jake gave Jed his half of the van after we bought it together to sell on and Jed and Jake started to make adventure travel videos in their Syncro vans together for fun and put them all in one place as they were made on the website.

We started to make more and more videos and our online following grew and grew. We met a guy called Alan who had been watching our videos for a while and liked them, and after Alan joining us on a couple of trips we asked him to join us in what we did. Running the website was purely for fun but it had started to cost us a little bit of money, so we brought out the first items in our clothing range just to help with running costs and we set up shop. As our product range steadily increased we decided to make the ultimate travel video series and do a trip to North Africa from the UK and back. It took a lot of effort to fund that trip ourselves but in the lead up to it Jake had to leave to start a new life with his family in Canada so unfortunately had to drop out of the trip and kindly left his share of to Jed and Alan. We made the Morocco Overland Series and that got us noticed by pretty much everyone who had any involvement in VW T25, T3, Vanagon, Kombi vans around the world. Alan left shortly after for his own reasons so it was back to just Jed, Lou and Isaac running things full time giving the company the time it needed and turning it into what it is today.

At the start of 2016 we realised we needed some help as the company had grown. Dan had been helping out just for fun and was bursting with enthusiasm and van parts knowledge and was the obvious choice to work for the company full time. In June 2016 Dan joined the team and instantly halved the work load we had been dealing with. This now meant we could get back to being fun again for us all.

After spending the best part of four years working and running our business from a work/storage facility local to us in South London/Surrey boarders things were getting a little cramped and we didn’t have any indoor space to play around with vehicles and really throw ourselves into product development. We had done some pretty epic builds by now for our own company use. The Managon build for example was a serious 7500kg 4×4 expedition truck build we had previously built on some outdoors space we rented for a year or two and people now wanted us to fit out their vehicles for travel too. Spring of 2020 (just before COVID-19 struck) brought a massive change to that was bursting with improvements. We relocated our business to a beautiful area in West Sussex called Wineham and moved into a pretty big wear house we called the CVC Hanger and that is us right up to date..

We are just like you, normal people who use and drive the same vehicle that lots of our customers and followers drive and this is why isn’t just another van parts webshop.