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Travelling around Europe in a Campervan part 6

This is the final addition from our European trip. After a long drive and final push across Germany Jed and family ended up back in France staying on Aires for a cheap last few nights. With Kayaking, fishing to take care of the last few days went quickly enough and even enjoyed being moved on by the Belgium Police….

Included is a peace on how to use AIres and the excellent Aires camping book available from a great reference guide and bible to all the tight arsed travelers seeking budget accommodation.

Travelling around Europe in a Campervan part 5

After leaving Slovenia and driving across Austria and some snow capped mountains we entered Germany again far over to the east side and the Bavarian Forest. We had met a German fella back in Pag who had recommended the area to us and boy we were not disappointed. As we realized we were so close to Czech Republic we thought it would be rude not to spend at least one of our nights in the forest at one of the best camp spots we have found so far.

If you like it wild, bears, wolves killer wasps and tree top walks this is the video for you….

We had realized our four weeks were ebbing away silently so we really wanted to make the most of the last week of our trip. Part 6 is to follow and is the last part in the series. Say tuned to see the epic drive across Germany back in to France where we found some great places to stay and we reveal just how we manage to find these great spots. We also stayed in Belgium and see what happens when the cops dont like you wild camping in sand dunes after I had forgotten that my prop was off and I was only in 2wd…

Travelling around Europe in a Campervan part 4

This time Slovenia, and WOW!!!! what a place….

We didnt really know what to expect as we did very little research about the place but we do thank Doug and Elvis for giving some top tips on places to visit. You have to love a country who”s national sport isnt football or rugby but rock climbing and hiking, my kind of people. Most people spoke really good english, no litter of graffiti anywhere and an all round awesome place. Before you watch the video I am just going to say NO LOUISE DIDNT STEAL THAT REALLY hehehehehe…. We bought the item in question a few days earlier as we thought we had bought a device for repelling insects, but it turned out we bought a device for mourning the dead…. Wonder why we were getting strange looks in the evening and nobody would talk to us. What the hell am I on about? you will have to watch the video and see….

Part 5 to follow soon.

Travelling around Europe in a Campervan part 3

Part three of the European tour….

Part three takes us further down Croatia and to Pag Island. We did plan on staying abit longer than we did on Pag but with temperatures inside the van reaching over 49*C we had to spend lots of time in the sea and drink cold beers to stay cool, bummer hey!!!!

Travelling around Europe in a Campervan part 2

Part two of our tour around Europe….

This time driving through Austria with a stormy night at a campsite, wild camping in the mountains of North Italy, a quick drive through Slovenia and the north of Croatia and crystal clear sea.

Travelling around Europe in a Campervan, Part 1

Here is a set of videos from a tour of Europe in our Westfalia Syncro. Basically it involved touring from the UK all the way down to Croatia and back taking in nine countries entered and exited a number of times.
Uk-France-Belgium-Luxembourg-France-Germany-Austria-Italy-Slovenia-Croatia-Slovenia-Austria-Germany-Czech Republic-Germany-France-Belgium-France-UK
In total 4851km where driven and two mechanical issues, so how did we get on traveling with a 5 year old?, where did we camp?, you will have to watch the videos to find out….