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North Devon and Exmoor

After slaving away in a field for 3 weeks working for Glastonbury Festival a well needed break was in order. So Alan and Harriet headed off for a bit of wild camping and wholesome camp fire cooking by the coast as a mini get away from it all. In true CampervanCulture style they just headed off in the general direction of Exmoor and after talking to the locals in a random pub they got the heads up on some great wild camping spots. Our usual rule of thumb of supporting the local economy in the places we wild camp was applied and all in all another great get away was had.

Ah well back to more summer festival work for Alan and Harriet now for the rest of the season to save for the Africa trip later in the year.

Working away? Sleep out in the camper.

After having to work away for a couple of days Jed decided to save his diesel money and cut down on lots of traveling time by finding a free camp spot near his workplace for the evening. By involving the Westy in everyday life it has earned its keep as budget accommodation for the tight arsed Plasterer…