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The new CVC Square headlight protectors are here.

Because the cost of square headlights now is getting a bit ridiculous especially the right hand drive ones we have something for all of you square owners that will protect your expensive lights. These clip in CVC square headlight protectors are made here in the UK locally and fitment is straight forward enough.

We have made a fitting video just to show what these are all about and how they work and you can grab yours right here,

VW T3/T25 Vanagon/Wesfalia Square Headlight Protectors & Fitting from on Vimeo.

Westfalia Pop Top Skylight Dismantling & Reassembly

This video is to mainly show you how to replace the operator on a VW T25/T3/Vanagon Westfalia pop top camper van. More often than not the plastic rollers snap off with age but fear not, now we have new ones on the web shop if you click here. We do pretty much every part for a pop top roof so if it is broken we are the first place you should try with prices that are rarely beaten.

There is also a little extra gadgetry and insight into other products that we are working on right now at

Westfalia Pop Top Skylight Dismantling & Reassembly from on Vimeo. Clothing & How It’s Made

The latest​ clothing design has just been finished last night and is on it’s way to us. We carefully select the best quality heavy weight garnets for durability and fitting. Our clothing is NOT just a crappy iron on transfer, each one is screen printed with ink by hand!

Here is how they are made, Clothing & How It's Made from on Vimeo.

Gowesty 2wd lift springs fitting.

These days people are using their T25/T3 vans for travel rather than sitting in a field at a VW show doing not very much at all. In the past lowering vans was a trend that hung around for a while but with limited ground clearance these vans were useless for anyone looking for adventure and good wild camping opportunities.  At CVC we have been watching what people have been doing in the USA for quite a while and last year we became the UK and EU importer and distributor for Gowesty in America. As a result we have been selling lots of Gowesty lift springs for the T25/T3 van and as we are the only people selling these springs in the UK and Europe we figured it was about time we filmed how to fit them yourself for when you buy a set.

It really isn’t that hard and can be done in a day as long as you have a decent spring compressor. The lift springs can be found right here,

If you have any questions then please ask.

The only way is up!

Fitting Go westy 2wd lift springs. from on Vimeo.

ARB awning review with CVC fitting kit

All the way from Australia we are now happy to announce that we can not only offer you directly from the 2500mm x 2500mm ARB awning but a CVC designed gutter mounted fitting kit too. We listened to all the feedback before we designed our own fitting kit that makes sure the awning doesn’t catch the side door of the van and keeps the awning as close to the Westfalia pop top as we could without lifting it being a problem. As our fixing kit is gutter mounted fixed hightop roof vans can use our kit without having to drill into the side of there pride and joy. Tin top vans can also fit the ARB awning without the need of a bulky roof rack too.

Hang on it gets better…

We can also hook you up with add on rooms with or without a built in floor and add on side wind breaks. We got fed up with all of the plastic caravan stuff that is currently available for our vans and offer something more deserving.

Specifically designed for harsh Outback conditions, the awnings are rugged but lightweight, and provide fast and convenient protection from the elements

Shade cover manufactured from 300gsm PU coated poly/cotton ripstop canvas to ensure that the awning is both waterproof and UV protected Self standing awning takes 30 seconds to deploy Awning is secured in a heavy duty nylon reinforced PVC bag Mounts easily to the side of most roof racks or roof bars as well as our custom made gutter mount fitting kit. The Awning height is adjustable with telescopic legs.

This CVC product is available directly to you right here and the amazing add on room options here.

See what the fuss is all about in this short video. We made the effort to make these fit because we got fed up with the plastic caravan stuff that was only available up until now to fit our VW camper vans.

ARB Awning Instal & Fitting Kit for a VW T25/T3/Vanagon, Designed & Manufactured by from on Vimeo.

VW T3/T25/Vanagon Westfalia front table roof step.

Well we solved another problem.

This time we have developed a way of getting into the roof top bed without standing all over your pride and joys kitchen unit. This is not just a step, oh no! it is also a great place to make your morning coffee while everyone is still asleep.

Check this short video out to see this brilliant product in action. It is available on the web shop, just click here for full details.

VW T3/T25/Vanagon Westfalia front table roof step. from on Vimeo.

Westfalia T3/T25/Vanagon, front table stowing brackets.

Another Campervan Culture exclusive product is our new table stowing brackets made in Westfalia grey or beige option. We made this kit available because putting that spare table behind the drivers seat cuts down on leg room and allows you to have your seat in a less upright position. You also don’t have the table flying out while going around corners and knocking when pulling away or stopping sharply. Why Westfalia didn’t offer this as a factory option we will never know so CVC have finished the job for you guys. They are in stock and we post world wide every day do don’t miss out completing your camper vans conversion and be impressed with the is easy to install solution to your front table woes. The kit can also be used in other camper vans and 4×4 overland vehicles.

Click here to be directed to the CVC web shop.

VW T3/T25 Vanagon/Wesfalia front table stowing table brackets. from on Vimeo.

Fitting a VW T25/T3/Vanagon Westfalia pop top roof canvas.

There are a lot of roof canvas options out there all around the world, they all have various pros and cons, some fit some don’t. We are always on the look out for quality products to add to our own web shop so you guys can buy with confidence.

We put the GoWesty roof canvas to the test and in our personal opinion it is one of the best fitting roof canvases we have fitted so far. The fitting instructions say to remove the roof but this is not always an option if you are used to working alone so we made this video to show how to fit a canvas with the roof in place. We contacted Gowesty yesterday and got them to add some roof canvases to our regular pallet we get sent over so they will be on their way to us today and will with us in the next 12 days depending on what mood the customs lady we deal with is in this end.

If you like this or any of our other products please feel free to check out our web shop

If you would like to pre order please send an email to and a deposit can be taken.

GoWesty roof canvas from on Vimeo.

Fox shocks & Gowesty Springs – a few months in…


I have fairly recently fitted a set of Gowesty Camper Products progressive springs and Fox 2.0 shocks to my van. It took a lot research before i decided on a shock and spring set up due to a few reasons which i will explain.

Jargon (Techy stuff)

My main reason for looking for a new set of springs was that for sometime i had been running spring spacers to lift my van. This is a very common way of gaining some ground clearance on a syncro, It’s a great cheap way of gaining some ground clearance, but it has its compromises.

By adding spacers you are moving the position of the spring which gains you ground clearance, however the range of movement in the spring does not change, it is just moved in relation to the other suspension components.

I wanted to fit a set of springs that would give me the ground clearance i required  without any/bare minimum of spacers The Gowesty progressive springs seemed to fit the bill. I have fitted the 2″ lift version on the rear of my van and zero lift to the front (i’ll explain why in a minute). Continue reading

Interior Festoon Bulb Upgrade [VW T2 T3 T25 T4 LT and many more]

The standard interior light bulbs are not very bright at best and have usually deteriorated over time meaning that its pretty hard to see inside your van when you open a door. They are certainly not bright enough to read under without straining your eyes and if left on too long they can easily run down your battery.

We have soured these new type of LED (COB) as they give a uniform light output meaning that they give almost no glare, unlike normal LED’s which always produce a strong brightness/glare from the individual diodes.
This means they are more well suited to the interior of a T3/T25/Vanagon where occupants are always quite near the lights whether map reading, cooking etc etc.

They give off virtually no heat so the risk of fire is minimised and the power consumption is around 90% less than a standard bulb. This means you can leave them on all night and your battery will not be flat in the morning, even after a few nights of stationary camping. Ideal if you have small kids that like that bit of comfort to get them off to sleep.

No tools are required for fitting, simply remove your old bulb and fit the LED festoon bulb in its place.
These bulbs will fit any T3/T25/Vanagon, any Bay window 72 onwards or any festoon type light fitting with contact dimensions of 41-42mm.

They are one of our own products and make an excellent add on when ordering shirts or other heavier gear and can be bought via the web shop here.

Here is a short video so you can see how much better these make your camper van living,

interior LED from on Vimeo.

Westfalia T3/T25 lift up roof/pop top bed guards for all Jokers, Club Jokers, California’s and Atlantic’s

Really happy to share with you guys how to fit our new bed guards for Euro spec Westfalia Jokers etc. We have been field testing this design over the last two years and we are happy to say we have got there. Using the original factory pegs you can fit our bed guards in a few minutes without any extra drilling for that factory feel just how Westfalia would have wanted it. We have them for sale on our web shop for about half of the price other vendors who are selling a similar product that requires loads of extra messing about and drilling. Ours are available in Grey, and unique to they are also available in Brown that only take a few minutes to fit.

We use these ourselves as they are a product.

Find them in the Campervan culture webshop here

Westfalia pillow guards from on Vimeo.

Amazing weekend in Surrey with birthday celebrations and Heathrow Campervan Hire.

This time we stayed quite near London and hooked up with good friends H, Ringo, Rob and youngsters Fern and Jules. Jed Louise and Isaac were in their Westfalia Syncro and Ringo and H were in their usual ride, the mighty VW LT Westfalia Florida. Rob left his Westfalia Syncro behind on this trip and turned up in the new high roof rental campervan that his company have just got ready for you to hire and have an amazing time in. I have to say being a Westfalia nerd I was a bit taken back and slightly envious of the massive fridge, grill and this van even has an oven as well as Propex heating, extractor fan and get this…

It’s only done 60,000 miles!

As you can guess by the name Heathrow Campervan Hire is based right next to the UK’s main international airport and when you rent from them you have the option of picking up your fully kitted out campervan from the airport arrivals lounge. This is a great chance for all you guys in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the rest of the world to visit the places we like to go in the UK without the hassles and expense of importing your own vehicle. It’s also handy for all you guys in the UK and Ireland to just grab a cheap flight, pick the camper up and be off on your adventure.

Our first night was spent in a very nice country pub then a short but very steep drive up a gravel track in the VW LT to one of our favorite wild camping spots. After a really nice nights sleep it was off for a quick walk then off to find a random campsite we booked into from the internet. Osney Lodge Farm Campsite was only £45 per night for the eight of us in three campervans and it is a great place to camp with kids. Off the ground open fires are allowed and they have a basic toilet block and a place you can empty your chemical toilet if required. They have a farm shop that does loads of local produce and BBQ items as well as beers and veg. We all had a great time and celebrated H’s birthday in style.

Surrey camping weekend with from on Vimeo.