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VW T25 Autohomes pop top gas strut replacement.

So this time a technical video.

After receiving a message via Facebook page asking us how to replace the gas struts on an Autohomes pop up roof, and the honest answer being – “We don’t know…”. a quick email was sent to SGS Engineering and an order was placed for new gas struts at 3pm. They arrived promptly the next morning. How’s that for good service!!!

Autohomes owner and subscriber Sarah Croft rocked up round Jeds place and the two of them set to work on Tinkerbelle. Half an hour later the job was done. Tinkerbelle had the fully working roof she deserved and Sarah had the peace of mind that she could take her daughter Tabatha away in confidence without the roof failing on them. Sarah also has the added ability now to do this job herself and pass the knowledge on to the next person in need of help.

That’s what is all about right?

Vw t25 Auto Homes gas strut replacement from on Vimeo.

VW T3/T25/Vanagon Syncro gearbox detective work. Part 3

This is the last in the series covering the aftermath of a serious gearbox failure. In this episode the box is put back together and we get up close and personal with all the parts of a locking differential.

I sincerely hope that none of you ever end up in the situation that brought about the creation of this video series, but if you are unlucky enough to experience something similar then hopefully these movies will at least give you a bit of an insight into what may have gone wrong and what is required to put it right.

T3 Syncro Gearbox 101-Part3 from on Vimeo.

VW T3/T25/Vanagon Syncro gearbox detective work. Part 2

Here’s the second episode in the three part series covering the strip and re-build of a VW Transporter Syncro gearbox.
In this edition we get up close and personal with the failure that caused a complete loss of drive in 4th gear. (It’s not pretty….)

Once again thanks to Aidan Talbot for allowing us to film this and broadcast it to the world. It’s an amazing insight into the workings that go on inside a Syncro transmission.

T3 Syncro Gearbox 101-Part2 from on Vimeo.

Jed replaces the rear wheel bearing on his T25 Vanagon Syncro

MOT time, and Jed’s van failed on a sloppy rear wheel bearing, i.e. too much play.

From a bad experience with a rear wheel bearing failing and damaging the bearing carrier – Jed now carries a good spare used hub with rear bearings already pressed in (I carry one in my van too). A quick video to show swapping them over, without undoing the brake system:

Replacement bearings were bought from the web shop by clicking here for the fronts and here for the rears .

For those of us who prefer to retighten that 46mm nut up to torque settings over the more agricultural method of counting turns, a quick check on the 80-90 Wiki tells us we need a whopping 500 NM/360ftlbs. Or a fat bloke on a scaffold pole.

Fitting Rear Shock Extensions and Front Ball Joint Spacers to the Westfalia Syncro

If you have raised the suspension on your van, you may well find the knock effect is the you require rear shock extensions and front ball joint spacers.

Here we have the rear shock extenders, which attach to the campers rear swing arm, and lift the syncro lower shock mount – which avoids the syncro rear shock topping out. Available from

Also, up front we have fitted syncro specific upper ball joint spacers, there several different suppliers out there, these ones also came from, they are the same as available at

Both of these have been on the Westfalia for a few thousand miles now, and have been no problem at all. Don’t forget, if you have raised the suspension on your Syncro to get the alignment / geometry checked over!

VW T3 Syncro wishbone spacer & rear shock extender fitting.. from on Vimeo.

How To Lift The Rear Of Your Syncro For Very Little Cash…

Measuring up a T25 / T3 / Vanagon Syncro Westfalia for the difference in rear height from left to right. Raising slightly and correcting that infamous “Westy Lean”,

There are various options to raise or correct the height on the rear of a Vanagon T25 T3 syncro, we have chosen the home DIY option. Alternatively we stock our own aluminium rear plate and stock the Gowesty rear lift spacer here and here.