Back in part 5 went high and into the wilderness Norway had to offer.

Part 6 is the final part of the series but fear not.. We are inviting you to ask us all of the questions you may have so we can make a part 7 and answer you directly. Interested in the gear we use? Interested in the van? Interested in us? please ask us those questions you have and we will try our best to include you in part 7

Soooooo… part 6.

We get our last taste of wilderness camping before crossing back over to Sweden, into Denmark, through Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and onto France. Sweden still had an absolute gem of a place to visit and Denmark threw up a few cool places too. Before we we set off south from Norway we bumped into Sion from Australia in his van who is a customer of ours who had called into CVC HQ before he left for a grand European tour of Europe. We had fitted his van out with a bunch of stuff and his CVC ARB awning was going strong and was a must have item for him on his own trip. For us the CVC log burning stove was earning it’s keep once more, keeping us warm in the evening when we were sat outside at high altitude. If you are interested in those check them out right here.

Oh and we also got to go truck shopping in Denmark thanks to our good mate Jason.

As promised we have added the actual GPS locations of the free camp spots we found in part 6 as a thank you for your ongoing support. We will continue to do this through the following five or more following episodes. If you are interested in any of the equipment you see us using in this series please feel free to check out the Cooking & Camping Equipment section on the web shop. As most of you will all ready know the only things that ever end up on there is the equipment we actually use ourselves. That’s how CVC became the trusted brand we are today and not just another van parts web shop with no soul just stocking catalogue parts.

It’s that time of the week again to grab yourself a cold one, sit back and come and join us for the ride with us in part 6 of the CVC Arctic Circle Overland Film Series..


Arctic Overland Series Part 6 from on Vimeo.