Back in part 4 we found paradise.. You all remember that place right? The one next to the crystal clear sea in the fjord?

We always say that the camp spots are just getting better and better as this series unfolds but it happened again! It would be hard to even imagine how we could trump the spots in part 4 but as we enter the south west part of Norway we get to the area where the huge fjords are located. Lots of up and down driving, some of it kept us on the edge of our seats but between the cloud cover we picked out some epic vistas. To get out of the van and stand with our feet on the ground and be part of this environment was a humbling experience. Isaac was introduced to fishing and picked up a valuable life skill . While we did leave out the part when the ultimate in free range food took a few harsh blows to the head (it was kind of graphic but very quick and humane) We had no idea just how tough the hard core sea fish of Norway could be. I know it’s just nerve impulse but to have a fish flap around long after it had expired with no head in your fridge was just weird! We all know that food from the super market isn’t born with wrapping on right! so please go easy with us on this one, it wasn’t farmed and was 100% free range. I never did get over not being allowed to eat that free range squid back in the Morocco Overland Series so it was important to me to get Isaac involved in this opportunity. For kids to see where food actually comes from is important for kids I think so thy can make their own choices in life through their own experiences.

It was delicious by the way…

We were meeting up with more and more people randomly at the side of the road. Hooking up with followers and subscribers is the best thing about doing what we do, especially in places were you think you are totally on your own.

As promised we have added the actual GPS locations of the free camp spots we found in part 4 as a thank you for your ongoing support. We will continue to do this through the following five or more following episodes. If you are interested in any of the equipment you see us using in this series please feel free to check out the Cooking & Camping Equipment section on the web shop. As most of you will all ready know the only things that ever end up on there is the equipment we actually use ourselves. That’s how CVC became the trusted brand we are today and not just another van parts web shop with no soul just stocking catalogue parts to feed a machine.

It’s that time of the week again to grab yourself a cold one, sit back and come and join us for the ride with us in part 5 of the CVC Arctic Circle Overland Film Series.. Arctic Overland Series Part 5 from on Vimeo.