So here goes..

This is the Arctic Overland film series. Over the next few weeks you will be introduced to a set of short films of a trip that was a long time in the planning. In fact this would be the third time we tried to do this trip but for one thing and another it just never seemed to materialise. When we realised that for the third time it may not happen again, due to the Brexit happening just before the planned departure date, we really didn’t know what to do. Rather than accepting defeat for the third time we put a shout out on our social media outlets and the orders started to flood in!

You all made this trip happen..

It’s now time to show our thanks to you all because buying from our web shop allows us to live this Vanlife. is more than just another van parts web shop. As you all know, we run CVC so it allows us to make the money ourselves so we can invest this and make these short films happen and try to inspire people the best way we know how. Usually we are pretty secretive about the exact location of the camp spots we find but do leave subtle clues so you can find them if you really wanted to. In this series as a thank you to you all we are going to show the exact GPS ordinates of each place we free camp at so you can use them yourself if you ever wanted to do a similar trip yourself. Hell you could even just cherry pick the best ones!

OK, so now with all that said this is the lowdown of the trip ahead. The idea was to try and do a trip from London to up and over the Arctic Circle to see if we could find if there are any true wilderness areas left in Northern Europe/Scandinavia. We wanted to see if we could do this by being totally self contained and not paying to stay anywhere. As the series unfolds over the next few weeks, the three of us will show the set up we have and the gear we use to stay safe and healthy on the road. Travelling through what are supposed to be the most expensive countries in Europe really doesn’t have to be expensive if you do it our way, in fact this ended up being the cheapest trip we have ever done!

We want to make a final “Questions & Answers” video and get you as involved as we can. Please ask any questions you have in the comments section under the video and we will try to answer you directly in the Q & A final video that we will make at the end. Just say who you would like to answer the question,  Jed, Lou, Isaac or Dan the question itself and where in the world you are from.

Now grab yourself a cold one, sit back and come and join us for the ride as we get a couple of thousand miles under our belt on the drive north to see what’s going on up there in part 1 of the CVC Arctic Circle Overland Film Series..