Back in part 1 we had left CVC HQ and after boarding numerous ferries across northern Europe we set out GPS to head north.

Before we left we had been warned about mosquitos being a problem the further north we got and although they were an annoyance I am not sure they were quite as bad as everyone made out they were going to be though. That said we would have been happy if they didn’t make a show, regular as clockwork every evening. In this second part of the series we detour away from the E45 and drive the “Wilderness Road” that takes us into Swedish Lapland and with that came a visit to a traditional Sami village, epic water falls and rapids and reindeer.  We were still well on track with our mission to free camp the whole trip and the spots we were now finding were having a more remote feel to them, especially the times we wandered off the main roads and along the many forest tracks that branched off the narrow highway.

As promised we have added the actual GPS locations of the free camp spots we found in part 2 as a thank you for your ongoing support. We will continue to do this through the following five or more following episodes. If you are interested in any of the equipment you see us using in this series please feel free to check out the Cooking & Camping Equipment section on the web shop. As most of you will all ready know the only things that ever end up on there is the equipment we actually use ourselves, that’s how CVC became the trusted brand we are today.

It’s that time of the week again to grab yourself a cold one, sit back and come and join us for the ride as we enter Lapland, cross the Arctic Circle and find more epic camp spots  in part 2 of the CVC Arctic Circle Overland Film Series..


Arctic Circle Overland 2 from on Vimeo.