We are writing to wish you well and let you know that remains open for as long as we are allowed to.

We have implemented home working across part of the business, including the taking of orders when you call us, so please don’t be surprised if you hear children in the background.

We have also implemented social distancing in our warehouse to ensure the smooth running of our warehouse. We are also taking protecting measures in line with Government recommendations.

We use a number of courier companies for shipping and all of them to date are operating but there could be a few delays over the coming weeks. Our main courier is DHL and a majority of the mid size items we ship within the UK and around the world are through them. Apart from the obvious high standards of shipping times and quality delivery, DHL are unlike the other couriers where they use their own airline fleet and not just domestic airlines or 3rd party cargo aircraft that are being grounded more and more in the recent days. The only issue you may find is that although your shipment will leave us and get to your local depot for local delivery with your DHL courier you need to find out if your own local couriers are indeed delivering to your door if you find yourself in a lock down situation. At the moment DHL will hold parcels at your local depot if there is a lock down locally to you but this won’t be much good if you are not allowed to collect them if they are not allowed to deliver. If you can still receive deliveries then you have nothing to worry about just yet.

Our own supply chain may be affected over the coming weeks. We have done our best to keep an eye on this and we have been making provisions by holding as much stock as we can to be able to accommodate your orders to repair your vehicle or to get those upgrades done while you find yourself at home or workshop where you work on your vehicle. As our own stock starts to run low and our own supply chain slows down this could cause some stock issues, so now is the perfect time to make sure you order what you need. If you have had your eye on something for a while or you plan to get started on that project over the coming weeks and months, get the parts you need ordered now so that you can be sure they are delivered to you as soon as possible.

Cheers everyone, stay safe and we will keep you updated on any changes.


Kombi Life vs Campervan Culture

Well we couldn’t have Ben and Leah from Kombi Life setting off on their round the world adventure in their new bus Boomerang without a strong set of wheels, could we?

Ben reached out to for advice last summer before they set off on their adventure to Australia asking if the wheels we stock would fit a Bay window van and allow decent all terrain tyres. We took the challenge on and supplied a super strong set of 15” Mefro rims and a VW T2 wheel fitting kit. The looks alone were stunning but the practical upgrade means they will be able to go further and for longer.

We also set them up with a pair of recovery tracks for those extra sticky situations. We also now offer ARB awnings with a Bay fitting kit included so all you T2 owners can get in on the action. Check out the new Kombi Life video above. All product links can be found below.

1983 VW T25 Westfalia 2WD Adventure Camper with Subaru 3.0 Conversion (SOLD)

PRICE: £21500 ono
Contact: Gareth on 07985944315 or
Location: Glasgow, UK.

I have owned this van for 5 years and have gradually modified and improved it at considerable expense. The result is a bus with modern driving characteristics, reliability, power, and the “cool” factor of a classic VW.

Originally a 2.0 air-cooled engine was fitted, but even with twin Dellorto cars it became clear that there was insufficient power to keep up with modern traffic. I considered a 2.0 Subaru engine initially, but research concluded that the extra power and refinement of the flat six boxer engine would be optimal. I was lucky to discover an engine with only 7000 miles powering a Subaru Outback at a Subaru specialist in Chesterfield, and snapped that up for the conversion.

All conversion and mechanical work has been done professionally by Robert McKenna at V-Worx in Ayr. The van is completely rust free, and everything works as it should.  It is left hand drive, as all genuine Westies of this vintage are.

A summary of the work done follows: 

  • Subaru 3.0 H6 engine (208bhp), with custom fabricated and powder coated engine support bars, header tank, and custom stainless steel exhaust.
  • The van is serviced annually, with oil and filter changes performed regardless of mileage, which averages 2000 miles per year.
  • New radiator and piping to convert to water cooled configuration.
  • New petrol tank and pipework.
  • TY756 6-speed gearbox sourced from a low mileage Subaru 2.0tdi with a 4.44 final drive ratio, and flipped with Subaru gears components.
  • Larger diameter front disc brakes, and rear disc conversion. A more powerful servo and T4 brake system has been installed.
  • 1.5″ GoWesty lift springs and new dampers from CVC. New ball joints and all worn suspension bushes replaced.
  • 15 inch Mefro steel wheels from CVC with all-terrain tyres
  • Westfalia towbar with electrics.
  • New half shafts and CV joints.
  • Electric power steering conversion by Lite-Steer.
  • Externally, there is no rust whatsoever. The vulnerable parts have been professionally rust proofed by Preserve and Protect in Johnstone. Wheel arch liners and VW mud flaps have been fitted.
  • Syncro truck wing mirrors have been fitted to replace the inadequate stock mirrors.


  •  Seating for five. Sleeps 4 people.
  • 3-way Electrolux fridge (works on Lpg, 12v, or mains power). I replaced the noisy original cooling fan with a virtually silent computer fan.
  • Propex Lpg powered blown-air interior heating.
  • CVC pop-top lift assist struts, to allow effortless elevation even with load bars fitted.
  • Artificial rain gutters fitted to pop-top and Thule bars included.
  • 270 Fiamma F35 Pro pull-out awning included in sale (removed for winter)
  • Vango Airbeam driveway awning included in sale.
  • Mains leads, and levelling blocks included. CVC pop-top thermal wrap, and window thermal blinds included.
  • Alpine stereo with Bluetooth hands free calling.
  • CVC Solar powered extractor fan in skylight.


For Sale: 1981 VW T25 T3 Westfalia, Californian Import with 150 bhp Chevy Ecotec engine (SOLD)

PRICE:  £17,000 (open to offers)
Contact: Jaeson on 07949388240 or
Location: Brighton, Sussex, UK.

Sadly it is time to part ways with our original 1981 VW Westfalia that we brought with us to England from California. Originally it spent most of it years in the desert of Arizona from there it moved to the sunny dry climate of southern California where we purchased it and brought it to San Francisco. This van has NEVER been welded nor does it need! Body is in excellent condition.

  • Left Hand Drive
  • Gowesty wheels
  • Gowesty lift kit (with spacers)
  • Gowesty Big Brake upgrade
  • BF Goodrich tires (plus spare)
  • HDX Blistein shocks
  • New steering rack
  • New tie rods
  • T3 Heavy Duty Front Anti-Roll Bar
  • T3 Heavy Duty Endlinks
  • Rear anti-role bar
  • Powerflex Polyurethane Bushing (every bushing replaced)
  • New Windshield
  • All new rubber for windows
  • South African Grill
  • LED Headlights
  • LED Fog Lights
  • Gowesty Exterior LED Bulbs
  • Gowesty Complete Hook-Up box bundle
  • Custom bumbers
  • Solar Panels
  • Truck Mirrors
  • Chevy Ecotec engine conversion (150 bhp) originally a diesel now petrol
  • Re-geared transmission (Taller 3rd and 4th)
  • New stainless steal Flowmaster Exhaust
  • New Rear axles
  • MOT and UK Registered
  • Nearly original interior
  • Newer captains seats
  • New heater core
  • Replaced flap foam
  • New Blower motor
  • New Heater Resistor
  • New Heater Switch
  • Heavy duty High Offset Window Cranks (not installed)

To finish:

  • Canvas is original and could be replaced
  • Radio is for looks and does not work (we used Bluetooth speaker)
  • Sink pump needs to be replaced (2 new include with sale)
  • Exterior is original and has several chips and surface rust that will need to be addressed.
  • Solar is not completed.
  • Top fold out bed is miss mattress and the folding part. (We always slept on the bottom bed and used the top for storage.)

We do like a good podcast here at Saving them up and listening to them while on a road trip is a personal favourite, especially if it is tied into something we like to do ourselves.

Loads of you will already know how we started doing what we do and how it was from very humble beginnings as there was just no plan and we some how fell into what we do now. Keara over at has an interesting work blog where I guess the point is she can steer you in a direction you want to be going if you have an interest in working in order to support your own Vanlife while travelling on the road. I think listening to one of Keara’s podcasts could have come in handy for us back in the day before Vanlife became a thing.

It turns out that had some inspiration in getting Keara’s Vanlife goals become a reality some how so make sure you check that podcast out via this link and check out how she may be able to assist you with where you would rather be.

Managon truck tour from Live Work Wander

We met up with our friends Jorge & Jessica from youtube fame Live Work Wander when our paths crossed in Germany back in the summer of 2019.

They were really interested in The Managon and I was really happy for them to do a room tour video for you guys to check out for yourselves. We had a good laugh doing this despite being rather baked at the time!


The CampervanCulture com Pyrenees Coast 2 Coast Adventure Series Part 3

Welcome to part 3 and the final part of The Pyrenees Coast to Coast Adventure Film Series.

We venture off this time to some amazing remote camp spots yet again as we explore the western side of the mighty Pyrenees.

This episode is like no other episode we have filmed before and has been a very hard one to edit for me personally as I had to leave a lot of what actually happened out at what is a crucial point of this video.
Sometimes when travelling you do hit some low points when life throws you something from the left field and you just have to deal with it. Not because you are brave, not because you want to, you simply handle stuff because you have to.

Rather than just sweep what goes on when things turn bad under the carpet, I have tried my best here to share what has been for us the most intense situation we have ever found ourselves in as a family that likes to travel.

Did we complete our goal of driving The Pyrenees coast to coast?

Grab a beer, sit back and see for yourself.

None of these short episodes we make would be possible without all of the support we get from the amazing people who choose to buy their vehicle parts, camping gear and clothing from the web shop. Every order no matter how big or small really does contribute to what we do and they all make these things happen.

A massive thank you from the The CVC Team.


The CampervanCulture com Pyrenees Coast 2 Coast Adventure Series Part 2

Back in Part 1 we headed down to the North of Spain and dipped our toe into the Mediterranean sea. The drive through France on the way down gave us some super hot weather but some of the amazing places we found to free camp made all that no real hassle. We hit our first off road trail and truly remote camp spot as we tackled the first quarter of the Pyrenees, but here in part 2 we really upped the game as we entered Andorra.

I can see why many people don’t really get on with the first impressions of what Andorra has to offer but after a bit of research we found some of the most amazing locations to drive, explore and free camp. Andorra is a small country with a big heart. After entering the country from the south and the conventional boarder crossing that was no hassle at all, we had a goal of leaving the place via a gravel track known as The Smugglers Route that is supposed to cut a path through some pristine wilderness. The big issue for us is that we couldn’t find any info about the trail to give us the heads up to if we were even going to make it due to our size.

Did we make it?
Was it as amazing as it was supposed to be?

To find out you will have to settle down to find out for yourself.. The whole Smugglers Route section can be found mapped out HERE for you if you would like to follow that.

So.. Grab a beer and settle in with us as we invite you to drive with us side by side and follow this trip as the episodes launch every Thursday at 7PM GMT

None of these short episodes we make would be possible without all of the support we get from the amazing people who choose to buy their vehicle parts, camping gear and clothing from the web shop. Every order no matter how big or small really does contribute to what we do and they all make these things happen.

A massive thank you from the The CVC Team.

The CampervanCulture com Pyrenees Coast 2 Coast Adventure Series Part 1

Welcome to this years summer film series.

This time you get to watch this trip in three parts. The first epesode of any of the features we bring to you always takes up a little bit of transit time as we move towards a destination or goal. This time the mission was to dip our toe in the Mediterranean sea then drive across the Pyrenese mountain range length ways and end up dipping our toe in the Atlantic Ocean. There is no real reason why we chose to drive this route east to west, it just felt the right way to do it.
On hearing there were lots of gravel road sections and not knowing if we were going to be to big to get through any of them, the only thing to be done was to go and find out.
Because we were going to be driving length ways across this mountain range and the fact this range is a huge natural boarder between three countries (France Andorra & Spain) there were to be a whole lot of small narrow roads to climb in the truck.

Did we make it?
Did we experience any mechanical issues?
Did we find any epic remote camp spots?
Did we run into any other serious problems?

Tune in over the next three weeks as we launch all three episodes every Thursday at 7PM GMT.

None of these short episodes we make would be possible without all of the support we get from the amazing people who choose to buy their vehicle parts, camping gear and clothing from the web shop. Every order no matter how big or small really does contribute to what we do and they all make these things happen.

A massive thank you from the The CVC Team.


FOR SALE: 1988 VW T25 Westfalia Joker (Price Reduced)

PRICE:  £12,000 (NOW £9.999 ono)
Contact: Matt on 07801069500 or
Location: Betchworth, Surrey, UK.

For sale is my beloved Jennifer, a 1988 VW T25 Westfalia Joker Campervan. She is originally from Germany but has travelled all over Europe, in fact shes been to almost every country, even Athens in Greece!

She’s a 1.6 Turbo Diesel Water Cooled 4 berth Campervan.
She’s all original down to the upholstery, paintwork and stickers.
She is a standard ‘Joker’ spec with some extras which include:

  • ISRI Captain swivel seats with arm rests.
  • Front table.
  • Rear table.
  • Sliding side window (which is great for serving tea to fellow campers).
  • Kitchen Opening Window.
  • Box seat with cushion (great storage).
  • Omnistor 3m awning.
  • 3 point seat belts for rear seats (which converts to the rock ‘n’ roll double bed).
  • Double bed in the roof.
  • Sink with running water.
  • Two Ring Gas Hob
  • Fridge (Electric, Gas, Battery).
  • Electrics.
  • Electric hook-up.
  • Sony stereo with CD, radio, USB for iPod connection.
  • Eberspacher heater
  • Brand new leisure battery.
  • Loads of storage.
  • Original First Aid Kit (unopened).
  • Loads of accessories.

Little things to do in the future:

  • She is very solid but being a 30 year old VW Campervan there are little rust patches around the normal places; the key holes and the fuel tank, but nothing major.
  • She has had over £5000 worth of bodywork done in the last couple of years. She is a very solid van.
  • There is a crack in the high top front skylight window but hasn’t caused any problems. This can be replaced easily if needed.
  • The rear hatch door has a couple of dents on it where a bike rack used to be but again it’s nothing major.
  • The rear window is cracked but I have a replacement window from Gunzel still in the box that I will throw in for free. I also have a Brand new in box Fiamma 3 Bike Rack that can be purchased off me

She was serviced this year with a new cam belt and has an MOT until Sep 2020. She has a Gas Safety Certificate until July 2020.
She has 128000 miles on the clock.
Loads of service history and receipts going back to 1988!

IMG_8570 IMG_8575 IMG_1729 IMG_8573 IMG_8572 IMG_8571

2020 Calendar Submissions

It’s that time again to get your submissions in for the second CVC calendar! Photos need to have been taken at some point in 2019, be horizontal and high resolution, and with just your van and mother nature (let’s leave those pesky humans out of them). Please email your photos to Include van year/model and where the photo was taken, plus any other interesting details about your van or where you were. Get snapping!

Deadline is November 1. Those chosen receive a free calendar and a £5 gift voucher.

Campervan Culture 2018 Calendar from on Vimeo.

A week long trip – UK To Abenteuer & Allrad, Bad Kissingen 2019

This will be our third year making the jaunt over to Germany to Bad Kissingen where the world famous Overland Show is held every year. For Jed and Dan it is one of the highlights of the year, not only because the show itself is amazing but it is the camping area that is always the best part of the trip. It is a perfect opportunity to have people swing by to say Hi and have beers with friends we have arranged to meet in the camping area. This year we took a whole week off work for some down time and to hang out with both new friends and old ones.

We really want to make you feel you are with us in our camping area this year, so grab a cold beverage, hit the full screen option, tune in and kick back while you come and join us in this latest CVC video.