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VW T25 T3 Vanagon – How to fix your digital clock LCD Screen

After more than 25 years of use a lot of the digital dash clocks have screens that have started to bleed making them un readable. If your VW T25, T3 or Vanagon has a bleeding display it is close to reaching the end of its’ working life. Second hand ones, if you can find them, are super expensive… and again could fail at any moment. Once installed this replacement screen will get your clock back working to how it was when it left the factory.

They are available on our web shop here

They are easy to replace too, check out this “how to” video…


VW T25/T3 Westfalia bed/pillow guard

The Westy Pop top is iconic, instantly doubling the sleeping capacity of the camper.  Sometimes we just sleep in the top on a summers evening, with the canvas windows open.  But… we always seem to loose a pillow in the night and we end up folding our last pillow to make up for it.  It can be a real pain.   This is when the bed guard earns its’ stripes.  Not only will it keep everything in the bed, so you can get some well earned rest, it can also provide an extra level of safety for any kids sleeping up in the top, along with any pets that might choose the top bunk!

Before you order, please make sure your Westy is already kitted out with the pins that these slot onto (see pic below). These were commonly fitted to Westfalia Jokers, Club Jokers, Californias and Atlantics.

They are both available here in Brown and Grey



Westfalia Front Table Bed Step

During the earlier years of CVC,  we focused on solving the problems we faced when out and about on our adventures.  One of those problems was getting into the top bunk, in our Westfalia.  That’s why we created these handy steps, which fit securely onto the front table leg (we now sell those too, in  grey or brown).

You can find the step here

and here’s the video below, find out what else we use this clever little step for;


New Updated VW T25 T3 & Vanagon ARB Awning installation *NO DRILLING REQUIRED*

You all know we love the ARB awning.  With so many people now opting for the quality overland choice, rather than the plastic caravan options, we thought it would be good to update the video on how these are installed.

We have our own brackets made within 1 mile of the CVC hangar.  These brackets have stood the test of time and demonstrated that they work in all conditions.  They don’t require any drilling and they ensure the awning sits at the perfect angle for deployment.

We feel no camping rig is complete until the ARB is added, so check out this video on how to install one.  They don’t just fit T25’s too, they can be fitted to all the transporters and many more vehicles.  You can check out the range of ARB awnings here

VW T25 T3 & Vanagon Front Runner Roof Rack How To Install

Here at CVC HQ, we chuck out a beer when you fit your rack at the Hangar, CVC HQ.  Take a look at this video to see how easy they are to fit and how good it looks on this very nice, limited edition Magnum.

We are an authorised installer for Front Runner, which means we can also build bespoke racks for your vehicle too, so you get exactly what you need.

Our Front Runner racks can be found here



VW T25 T3 Vanagon Headlight Relay / Wiring Loom Upgrade

If you still have the factory headlight setup on your T25 you will no doubt be well aware that light output is scarily small at best. This is due to a number of factors, but mainly because VW in their wisdom had long runs of cable to the headlights with no integrated relay (unlike all modern cars). This combined with 30 year old wiring results in a massive voltage drop by the time power reaches this headlight units, resulting in….you guessed it. Dim lights!

To overcome this, we have a relay kit to light up the adventure ahead!

Petrol version can be found here

Diesel version can be found here

Lee at Combe Valley Campers kindly put this video together to show you how easy it is to install, check it out..