A fully kitted out Syncro camper is fantastic, if not the ultimate in luxury 4WD camping or “glamping”. Jed started out his Syncro life with a Double Cab (Doppelkabine = DOKA), which is used for work in his business as a plasterer. They make an excellent platform for a daily workhorse and surprisingly comfortable camper.

With the addition of a multivan rock and roll bed and swivel bases, it is possible to sleep comfortably in the cabin – add a rooftent and you have a vehicle that can sleep 4 or 5!

The multivan seat was bought from a fella called Tony, known as alfieboy on some of the VW forums, watch out for good bits on his ebay account.

A reproduction westfalia front table and leg can be bought from Niko on brickyard, see more info on this brickyard thread.

Some pictures of the DOKA in use:

Cooking up on the dropside

A tea break on a sunny day.

Camped out on a beach under the stars

Putting the tent away after a sleep on the beach

Making up dinner on the dropside after a days kayaking