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Long before we set up shop we had been van parts customers for many years and our product range has been carefully selected to give you what we needed.

Vehicle parts – We all need to repair our vehicles and replace worn out parts. We sell replacement and service parts too and try and stock the more interesting items, as lets face it pages and pages of rubber pipe or the same stuff you can by at any high street motor factors is pretty boring hey!

Campervan & camping gear – In all the years of van ownership we found what was on offer for us was either caravan style gear or tent camping gear. The Caravan style stuff can be a tad lame and the tent camping stuff is just too small. The gear we sell is aimed directly at you guys and is all tried and tested by us on the trips we do.

Clothing range – We use the absolute best quality garments in our clothing range that are heavyweight and pre shrunk. All designs are screen printed and not one of those nasty iron on transfer jobbies from those online shirt printing places that start to crack up after the first five washes. You are wearing our designs showing your involvement in supporting what we do and we want those items of clothing to last as long as possible for you.

At we are a family run business that is owned and run by us, Jed, Dan and Lou. When you order from our shop you are buying directly from us, we do all the order processing, packing and general running of things ourselves so your order will arrive with care. All the revenue taken after we have paid our living costs, tax etc goes directly back into making the travel van videos we have become so well known for.

Your support is always very much appreciated and keeps us doing what we do..

8 thoughts on “The Shop

  1. transporte rojas/hector

    Dear Friends
    A few days ago I made a purchase
    to be exact was the September 4
    and the purchase was for £ 71.82 GBP
    What I need to know if it was sent to Dallas TX 75235
    order # 13127
    I will look forward for your response
    best regards

  2. Andrew

    I love the three-way spritzer nozzles for the windshield wipers. I bought one of those Chrome stoves very nice. I bought the window on the right side rear on the side that opens and put that in and so my son can stick his arm out the window. And I love the calendars . Merry Christmas Happy New Year.

  3. Norman

    Dear Friends,
    I placed an order today. 10 Oct 2019. My question is can you give me an estimate of how long delivery to Australia takes. Thank you

    kindest regards

    1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

      Hi Norm. I have just processed your order and it is being shipped with DHL. I expect it will be with you in around 3 days time. The tracking details have been emailed to you so you can keep your eye on the progress.

      I hope this helps.


      1. Norman

        Thankyou. Wow very fast service. I was half expecting for you to say 4-6 weeks. I just checked Dhl and the item is already here in Australia just going through customs and will be delivered Tuesday.(5days) Your service is faster than many local Australian parts suppliers. Eg. I ordered A temperature sensor online from an Australian parts company . Took 10 days to receive it.
        Thankyou once again Jed .

        1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

          Not a problem Norman we aim to please. If you ever need anything that you can not find on our shop and you want it quickly, please drop us an email and we can let you know the cost inc shipping. We then usually send an invoice and that has a click and pay button at the bottom so very easy. You can then sit back and receive your parts quicker than you can buy in your own country.



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