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We are Campervan Culture LTD – we  own VW Syncro’s – possibly the worlds best compact 4×4 camping platform…

We have setup campervanculture.com to capture some of our adventures…mishaps… mechanics…cooking…friends….photos…videos…mistakes..good times….all related to our ‘camper-vanning’ world. What started of as a bit of fun has now organically grown into the trusted brand we are today that brings you the quality products you deserve for your adventures.

The worldwide community for VW campers and expedition vehicles is excellent, and everybody has a different reason to love (or hate) them. This is all just our take on this culture.

Please feel free to leave comments and check out our web shop for all the gear we use and enjoy.

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67 thoughts on “About

  1. Craig

    Hi ther love your videos great work
    I run a sit in nz and have just started up a uk page for all you guys hoping people will join. I am coming over to van fest this year from nz. I use to live in Southfeilds in london for about 3 years on my oe and hope to be dossing theer this year for a few days .I am going to link your site to mine please let me know if you wont it remeoved once again great videos .
    Kind regards


  2. Luis

    Hi guys, great site, and great videos…
    I have a coupple of questions about rising the van… i’ve checked the videos in where you rise and level the westy, and also the ine in where you add a huge spacer to rise the front.. i’m wondering if i could do the same job in my 2wd, i mean are the parts the same for rising and levelin??
    I’ll keep checking your videos and tech updates..

  3. Byron - Norway


    Great site guys, especially liking the videos (who’s responsible for the soundtracks?).
    You have inspired me to bite the bullet and become a syncronaut. Will be importing a 1.9D syncro combi from Holland to Norway shortly (any comments on the 1.9D unit?). Perhaps we can share videos of it’s metamorphasis into a camper over the next few months (years)……

    Incidentally Jake and Carl Froch (boxer) swapped at birth????

    Jed – one of your videos featured a campsite in Wales near a priory – was it Llanthony just outside Abergavenny?? I originally come from Blaenavon

    Byron – Norway

  4. Panoramica

    Hi Jed,
    You rock my world! I have a 1990 Doka 2WD as well. I have the front table as you did. I have been trying to sleep in it and came across your solution. Nicely Done! I have bought the same seat and want to install it. I would love some pointers if you have a minute to help. The seat bottom front edge is a tight squeeze at the “B” pillar below the front seat belt recoilers. Also how did you mount the “Z Bed” frame legs. When I removed it from the weekender I unbolted it from each side. The Doka has a door opening on one side and not much on the other. Did you make brackets and bolt them to the floor and the “Z Bed” frame to them? Your videos are great and an inspiration. I plan on attending a large VW gathering (H2O International)23-25 Sept in Ocean City, Maryland and showing the Doka. It may be the only one there so maybe I’ll win by default! It is a 10 hour ride from Massachusetts.
    All the best and I hope to hear from you!

    1. jedthespread

      We best get a move on getting this seat fitted then. Send some pictures over of what you have and we will see how we can get it fitted for you. It was a couple of years ago when I did mine so your photos will help jog my fragile mind.

  5. Martin B,South Wales

    Hi Jed,I reckon I’m not the only one got an eye on a T25 pickup on ebay right now,not far from me in Abergavenny.Up to about 2.5k at the mo,what do you reckon?
    I have some work for one over the next year or so,doing the garden,garage roof extension etc.Know of anything around here?Suzuki pickup a bit small for bulk sand etc.
    Think I might have inspired the wife to go on a road trip in the summer,having seen your youtube channel,nice one.I have a T5gp for work,got new in April for plumbing/heating business.Cheers,Martin Berry,nr.Pontypridd.

      1. lawrie

        Hey Jed
        I may also be intereseted in your wagon. Let me know when you are keen to sell. I am currently in Australia but am moving back to the U.K. (Jersey) in Feb.
        I currently have a T25 Caravelle GL its my second T25 the next obvious step is the Syncro. Sucker for punishment! I am a carpenter so I think with a few mods the doka could work pretty well.
        Thanks Lawrie

  6. Arend & Barb

    Jed & Jake:

    Love your website. Been going back to it several times. I love the way you guys just dig right in and fix stuff on the spot. We bought ’90 GL Westfalia Syncro, USA model.
    We live in British Columbia, Canada. We have made a number of ‘improvements’ to our new camper and LOVE IT.

    Always looking forward any new videos you guys come up with.

    Love ya.

    Arend & Barb

  7. David

    Hi Jed, Jake. really wanna have a chat with your friend Russel about the LT, cant purchase such a beast but would love to know more about the engine he had fitted, i have a Sven Hedin that would love a new engine, Jed we have met at shows and you have been to my house to pick up a bull bar from when you had the Doka. cheers guys, keep up the web site its a good read

  8. John Coulter

    I am in the US. I have never scene a synchro in the states before. Only while in Europe. Do you know where I am able to find one or import one? I love VW. I have a passat wagon and a jeep. I enjoy both vehicles. A synchro would give me best of both worlds. I love the site. You guys ROCK. Thanks.

    1. Englebert Humperdinck

      John, keep an eye on Ebay as well. I’ve seen many a Syncro for sale on Ebay over the years. They’re not all that uncommon to find once you start looking.

      Also check out syncro.org. And good luck!

  9. paul

    great site lads, one question i want one of the pump action jacks you have been using on the videos . where can i get one from.
    keep up the good work

  10. Muttley

    Guys, I blame you and your awesome website and videos entirely for the fact that I am now the extremely proud owner of “Muttley” a Caravelle GL Syncro! It needs a little work and tlc but i’m hoping that it won’t be too long before I get to meet up with you both down a muddy lane and be able to supply you both with a nice cold beverage or two!! I’m based down in Dorset at the moment but hopefully relocating to Devon this summer. Keep me posted on trips in and around the uk etc.

    Hope to speak soon,
    Rich & Muttley

      1. Muttley

        Haven’t stopped taking pics really, hopefully one will upload in this post. Looks like you had fun down by Chesil Beach in Dorset, only 10 mins away from me! It is a beautiful part of the world!
        Keep up the good work guys. Think we might be off to Wales at the end of this week for a short holiday.

  11. David Prendergast

    Love the site guys, nicely done and very nice videos as well.
    Enclosed pics were a quick fathers day over nighter with my daughter a couple of weeks ago and totally inspired by spending a couple of days on campervanculture.com.

  12. Randall

    Just discovered a YouTube video of you guys driving synchros through wales. I am so interested in buying a synchro and plan to take it across Asia. Thanks for the inspiration

  13. Gerry

    Hi Jed & Jake,

    Just discovered your website/blog last week and have been enjoying your posts & videos – excellent stuff!

    After an exhaustive deliberation (almost a year!) on what camper I want to buy I recently decided on T25 Westfalia Syncro – and am still saving!

    Can I ask what advice you could offer in selecting one, or, have you plans to add a section here on how to buy a Syncro, what to look out out for, realistic budget etc?

    Keep up the fantastic work; now that I’ve watched all of your videos, I can’t wait for the next installment 🙂

    Thanks for the entertainment & insights, you guys are stars 🙂



  14. rody

    Hi , i’m from Quebec city,Quebec,canada . Like to buy a syncro 16 (real one) and i ‘m asking you guy if is it hard to get part for those vehicule (body,motor AAZ gasoline,tranny,joint,etc in your country and by the way in mine . Thank again for your good advise .
    P.S Jed,jeb i dont know how to contact you personnaly . Can we . Need talking to you personnaly . Thank

  15. Mike

    Hi Jed / Jake …..

    GREAT site and videos REALLY well put together.

    Read your Picos de Europa article and wondered if you have a gps track of the route you did, that you could email me.

    After seeing the Vid, I’ll definately be over there next year !!!

    Many thanks in advance,


  16. Rob

    Hello, Love your website. Have you any opinion experience (Good or Bad) on Syncros fitted with Subaru SVX 3.3 engine (reliability etc). There’s a van on Ebay and I wondered if in general you had any views on wether its reasonable set up.
    Thanks for any views. Rob

    1. jed@CampervanCulture

      Hi Rob, both Jake and I know the owner quite well and the story behind the owner being in Africa is a genuine one and the van is not any sort of scam. The owners name is Pete and he is very capable mechanically as well as being a really nice fella, In fact the wheel carrier on my van used to be fitted to that van a few years ago. I personally couldnt comment on the general fitting of the engine and if the gear box or clutch is up to it but what I can say is that Pete and his wife drove from the UK to The Gambia a couple of years ago in the van and have used it for desert trips etc with no issues. I know they had a kid while away and he bought a hightop Syncro camper out there as it was cheap that originally came from Sweden that belonged to a hot air balloon company. The SVX van was then shipped back as it was used as a mobile work shop while out in Africa and now Petes Dad called John (also a Syncro owner and nice chap) is sorting out the sale I believe until Pete get back. We are to put it in our Syncros for sale section and we are just waiting for Pete to send over some better pictures as it was in the shipping container when I spoke with him last.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Rob

        Hello Jed & Jake,

        Many thanks your rapid reply and details of the owner and vehicle it is very much appreciated.
        I will check out some Insurance quotes to see what kind of money they’ll want to extract from me for such a beast. Again with your experience is their any brokers you would recommend chatting too?
        Thanks again, I appreciate your time and opinions
        All the best
        Rob, Billericay

  17. Dave Prendergast

    Are your wheels (pic) the German Mefro wheel that VanCafe sells here in the states? I read a post of yours somewhere that yours were 15″, which is what I’m looking for for my 2wd Westy as I don’t wanna have to put lifting springs on if I don’t have too, plus I’m just looking for a little more aggressive look to my van plus some trail capabilities.
    And also, what is the exact size of tire you’re running as well.


  18. Paul Van Caesbroeck

    Hello sirs,
    I discovered you site a few days ago and can’t get enough of it. Great work! We used to travel around in a Mercedes MarcoPolo but switched to the Transporter T5, 4Motion. Can’t wait to drive it (it’s not delivered yet).

    Jed, can you please tell me how much groud clearance your car has, and what kind of awn do you installed?

    I read that you want to go to Morocco. I can tell you only one thing: GO. It’s an amazing nice country. We went in 2005 with our MarcoPolo (2wd) but had to stop at the Erg Chebby dunes. Next time, with the T5 we’ll go further. If you are interested, I can mail you the traject we did, and some pictures.
    A couple I know is now touring around there. (https://jalbum.net/en/browse/user/album/1299885;jsessionid=1orshzxrm5k8m1j031mywqia93)

    Hope to hear from you,
    Kind regards


    1. jed@CampervanCulture

      Hi Paul,

      I just measured under the Westy for you and at its lowest point (rear engine bash plate) it is 32cm from floor to the under side of the van. I love those pictures of your mates, do they have a travel blog?

      The awning I have is an f35 pro from Fiamma.

  19. Pedro

    Hi guys!

    First of all congratulations for the great site.

    I am thinking about buying a VW t3, actually i would love to buy one.

    Could you please tell me some site to search a vw t3?

    Looking foward to heaing from you,

    Pedro Silva


    1. Al@campervanculture.com Post author

      Hi Ernest,

      Thanks for the comments! Much appreciated!

      I cant give you an informed opinion on the Black Diamond discs as none of us have used them, however Brickwerks only sell quality items so i wouldn’t worry about whether they are fit for purpose.

      That said, giving the brake system a really good overhaul can work wonders with the standard braking set up.

  20. Richard Green

    Hi lads

    Came across your vids on YouTube and think they are absolutely superb.
    I think you should make a trip to my home at some point for an adventure.
    The isle of man, a stunning place.
    Anyway, just wanted to drop you a note to give you this feedback, keep them coming.


  21. Yannick ( CASPER90 )

    Hi Jed , Alan & Jake:
    I Love your website. Been going back to it several times. I love the way you guys just dig right in and fix stuff on the spot.

    I blame you and your awesome website and videos entirely for the fact that I am now the extremely proud owner of “(CASPER90)” CDN model Westfalia SYNCRO .
    We live in Québec , Canada ( I speak french )
    . Always looking forward any new videos you guys come up with.

    Karine & yannick (CASPER90)

  22. Pete

    Jed, your film making is superb. I’m not a filmmaker, but photographer (amateur) but to me your films are photography. Apart from the great music, your composition, subjects, angles, etc are great.

    Could you say something about the equipment you use? I presume you do a lot of editing too.

    On campers, I don’t own one (yet), but have been fantasying for some months. Of course, the T2 was a first dream – but my wife thinks its too hippi-ish, and i’m concerned about reliability. After seeing your site, I’m now very tempted by a T25 Synchro. They are cool!

    As we also seem to be getting more snow these years, the 4WD must be handy at times. Also good for ski trips.

    Can you recommend any good dealers, renovators?

    BTW, when I first saw you, I thought you were Billy of G’Day Campers.

    Great site. All the best.


  23. dave

    Your fault Jed, your fault alone and nobody elses.
    There I was happily rebuilding a rotten and rusted ’84 panel van conversion.
    The idea was to make it look all Golf Gti, low mean and fast.
    Now it’s going ( at much expense in your shop) for the syncro look. High, even meaner and probably as fast on the flat.
    Being a 2WD means I can only retro fit diff locks for the rear wheels, still, that will get me outta the mud in most circumstances.
    However. That ARB awning setup aint as cheap as the fiamma offering but it shouldn’t blow off it’s mounts in the wind.
    Gonna do a few local-ish wild camps as soon as the van is ready, then it’s off to do a similar run as yours to Gibraltar… missing out Morrocco.
    *note to self, Buy a big 12v winch*

  24. azanutta

    Hi Jed, I possess a syncro 16″ and since i’ve bought it I am following your videos and your website in order to get inspiration from your fabulous van!
    recently i’ve started to wondering why isn’t there a section showing all the specs of your syncro.
    (engine, tires type, original westy?, upgrades, accessories, tuneups…)
    it would be great

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