One of the reasons we make these vlogs is to keep a  personal record of what we do too. We made this video back when we were based in South London and before we moved to our new CVC Hanger down here in West Sussex. This place at the time was a perfect transition location to work from as we went from working at a kitchen table to our big CVC Hanger and workshop today. has gained a massive following of amazing people through the videos we make and the quality van parts, camping and lifestyle gear we provide. I guess this has always made stand out as being not just another van parts web shop..

The truth is that when set up it was a website that hosted a selection of trip videos we had floating around on the inter web and it was decided to put them all together in one place. The steady growth of what organically developed from hobby shop to a full blown life style shift and grown up business has allowed us to go full time with the shop to support and produce the videos we make. It has been a goal that is far beyond anything we could have ever sat down and planned. now has a solid network of professional companies that took a chance with us in the early stages of what CVC is today and we will never forget that, it has all worked out well.. Most of all we owe everything to our followers and customers that make this happen. This year will see things step up to a new level all round in both video production and general organic growth in what we do.

More of that as it happens…

For now though the camera was taken out of the case to show what goes on in every day life here at  Thank you again for your on going support in what we do here and the direction is heading in bringing you even more of what we can offer.


A day in the life at from on Vimeo.