We do like a good podcast here at CampervanCulture.com. Saving them up and listening to them while on a road trip is a personal favourite, especially if it is tied into something we like to do ourselves.

Loads of you will already know how we started doing what we do and how it was from very humble beginnings as there was just no plan and we some how fell into what we do now. Keara over at www.breakfreefromthe9to5.com has an interesting work blog where I guess the point is she can steer you in a direction you want to be going if you have an interest in working in order to support your own Vanlife while travelling on the road. I think listening to one of Keara’s podcasts could have come in handy for us back in the day before Vanlife became a thing.

It turns out that CampervanCulture.com had some inspiration in getting Keara’s Vanlife goals become a reality some how so make sure you check that podcast out via this link and check out how she may be able to assist you with where you would rather be. www.breakfreefromthe9to5.com

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