BusFest 2018

Who is going to Busfest 2018? *BIG NEWS*

Before we give you all the lowdown on the show please read the following. We will only be bringing limited stock to the show this year. So if you would like anything delivered to you at BusFest (or the Adventure Overland show) please place an order through the webshop and choose “For Local Pick-up” as the delivery option. Finally just add an order note specifying that you would like to collect at the festival. 

Listen up ya’ll.. CVC will be there, inside The Avon Hall supporting ‘Well Travelled Transporters’. This year for us will be a little different as we will not be setting up shop for trading on the same scale as previous years. The reason for this is that when we are 3 people deep and constantly serving people we don’t get a chance to speak with you. We don’t want you to be kind enough to come and speak with us and us not being able to give you any of our time. You will be able to pre order though and we can bring your gear to the show with free shipping and will have some stuff with us for you to buy and take away on the day. That said we have a lot on offer this year.. We are currently two thirds of the way through our Transylvania trip and this will be the first official reveal of The Managon. You have a chance to ask all about it, get in it, get under it.. Hell you can even get on top of it if you like! You want to build something like it? Just ask.. all the info and knowledge we have put together on this build is yours, just bring a note pad and scribble down the answers. See The CVC 2WD Adventure Camper now it has been fully restored and newly equipped ready for adventure. Meet Canadian Vanlifers Live.Travel.Play and ask them anything about their van and their 3 years travelling around the world. Meet Westfalia Digital Nomads the makers of the famous ‘Vanlifers’ movie ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRQamLSFTy0 ) these people really do inspire and are a must see. Meet Tom Dibb talented musician and all round nice guy who drove his VW T25 camper Pickle from the UK to Australia. He has so many interesting things to say we couldn’t even start to mention them in this post. We might even get treated to a mini gig 


😉 Meet ChefCampers.com who have just sold or given away everything they have (including their house!) and are just now starting a new life travelling the world searching out culennary sensations from other cultures as well as adventure in their VW T25 California Syncro. There will be even more people and well travelled VW Transporter vans to meet in the is area but this is just a little heads up of a taste of things to come.

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