Driving The Managon back to the UK #6

Well it was time to finally go fetch the truck.

The formalities of doing this are as follows for those interested in how to do it.

  • The Vehicle needs to be registered to the person you are buying it from.
  • The vehicle needs to have a valid Dutch MOT.
  • In our case we managed to get it registered in Holland as a Motor Caravan to save hassles here in the UK later.
  • You need to get export plates from the Vehicle registration office in Holland before you can drive it out of Holland (this takes 10 minutes and is very easy). You need the previous owners documents, your driving licence and your passport.
  • Unlike Germany insurance is not possible to buy with your export plates at the vehicle registration office, no matter what people tell you. You need to arrange your own insurance before you leave in the UK.
  • The Caravan and Motorhome Club will give you insurance using the chassis number. They were the only one apart from one other place (the other places quote was over £2000!) that would issue this pollicey. Other companies will issue on chassis number but the vehicle has to be on UK soil so no good for export.
  • If you have RAC recovery for UK then The Camping & Caravan Club (different company to the Caravan and Motorhome Club) will give you a code if you join (£45 per year) that you can give to the RAC and they will upgrade your UK policy to cover trucks for the UK and for full European cover for an extra £80 per year.
  • The Channel Tunnel crossing can be as little as £55 for a truck each way. This can be done by buying a ‘Frequent Traveller’ package. You buy 10 crossings up front for £44 each way and pay a £11 surcharge on top per crossing when booking your crossing time. I had my time booked for 7.30PM and arrived at 4.30PM. They let me cross for free at 4.50PM and the crossing takes just over half an hour. You just need to book one day in advance. You stay in the vehicle all the time so can have a quick nap or make food in the truck.


I thought I was really on the ball this time but after booking everything I realised last minute my passport had expired! This then meant everything was the usual mad rush to try and pull this off.

Did I manage it?

Check out the blog below to see how things unfolded,


5 thoughts on “Driving The Managon back to the UK #6

  1. Alan

    Hi guys,
    Really enjoying the Managon build, I’ve been an MAN Parts Manager for many years and have always had a soft spot for MAN 4×4’s. These old trucks are pretty bullet proof but if things do take a turn for the worse they are quite easy to work on and parts supply is good worldwide .
    Looking forward to your next video installment.

    Kind regards,

    Alan Rea.

  2. Sierk

    Hi Jed,

    Really like your Video’s on the Managon project!
    Busy with a similar project here in Amsterdam, so a lot of “ah yes” while looking at your posts and video’s 🙂

    MAN 8.150 from the Danish army …

    Been doing quite some mechanical fixing and engine maintenance … and now busy with the box.
    It was fitted last week.

    Haven’t done a whole lot of driving yet, just some short test dives to check if the beast is o.k. 😉

    I have a question that I thought I could ask you, given you have driven a similar truck all the way back to the UK.

    Of course a machine like this make a lot of ( new and unfamiliar ) noise while driving, and I’m getting use of the “boinks / creaks / rattles / rumbles” … there is however one sound I’m not relaxed about, but maybe it is fully normal on a truck like this.

    If i’m driving ( straight asphalt road ) doing cruising speed, and releasing my foot off the throttle … it sounds like the drive shaft “releases” and then when pressing the throttle again, I hear a fairly loud “clack” as if something “engages” again ..

    Does that sound like a familiair noise to you?
    ( If not I probably will go have and seek professional-mechanic help 😉


    And greeting from Amsterdam …

    Sierk ( reachable at : sierk@ground-zero.nl )

  3. Sierk

    Hi Jed,

    Thanks … one more sound to not worry about :-)))

    Hope to make it to the “Treffen” next year.
    First target ( when the truck is more or less usable ) is Norway … see the Aurora.

    Keep up the nice work with the vlogs!



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