‘NomadsLife’ – documentary about nomadic tribes

Four friends embark on a 10,000km journey to find the nomadic tribes of Mongolia. They plan to honour their traditions, learn from their wisdom, and tell the world about their endangered way of living. But with four people in an old army truck, it’s not going to be easy.

The maker of this amazing bit of work gets the usual stick that you find from internet trolls that most probably will only venture out of the county they live in four times a year. Youtube creators quite often get this from people who have never actually contributed anything to the platform themselves. It gets a huge thumbs up from us and I am sure you all will find this short film very interesting.


4 thoughts on “‘NomadsLife’ – documentary about nomadic tribes

  1. Bart

    Is it just recent?
    In the little film they spoke about 2008 that that trip was made?
    Or is it now version 2.0?

    Good luck guys, wish I could join you.

    1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

      It was filmed a while back as you might notice by the old feel of the film quality. Now in 2017 I think we get movie quality images on our hand phones these days. It was only launched for free viewing in 2015 I think via the Youtube platform but such a good bit of viewing we had to share it.

  2. Barry

    This is fantastic. I agree, anyone who would troll this is probably just jealous of their journey/story, or they simply have no life of their own. Thanks for sharing this!

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