Follow Us to the Arctic Circle

A quick update as some of you may not be following Jed, Lou and Isaac’s journey to the Arctic Circle on our Facebook page. The video series will follow in the coming months but in the meantime here is some of what they have been up to. Thank you again for all the support you have all shown, you have made this trip possible!!! Oh yes, make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel, you won’t want to miss this!

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6 thoughts on “Follow Us to the Arctic Circle

  1. pgirard26

    Awesome! Questions for Isaac:
    1) What is your favorite part about traveling?

    2) Are you filming/video more now that you are older.

    3) Are you part of the music choices?

    4) If you could choose the next trip, where would you go?

    Can’t wait for part 2. I admire your courage and tenacity to make these trips happen.

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