Wales – Valley Of The Dams Road Trip

Autumn is here so we decided to get out and about to admire the changing of the seasons. Wild camping was as usual excellent and we found some amazing places to camp for the few nights we were away. We spent most of our days around the Elan Valley exploring the many dams and lakes/reservoirs in the area and the evenings in remote wild camping spots around the fire.

If you are viewing using a solid internet connection it is well worth viewing the HD option.

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Wales – Valley Of The Dams Road Trip from on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Wales – Valley Of The Dams Road Trip

  1. Mike

    Hey Jed, wanted to let you know I sat down to watch the youtube copy of the vid today and there was no sound. I think youtube has yanked it for a claim on some of the music. Vimeo still working, of course.

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