A new Campervanculture.com product has been born.

Westfalia Fridge Vent Plate with High Quality power points.


This is a product we have been working on for quite a while at CVC and now we are done with months of testing we can now offer what we believe to be the best cover plate power point kit on the market. Because we use the vans we sell parts for and go on trips just like you all do it gives us the edge when developing new stuff as our minds work just like yours.



How we got to this final production model.

Factory look and OEM feel, as Westy owners we all like this right? So thats what we went for.

The double USB point is from Blue Sea, this is a marine water proof application and it’s the very best that money can buy. We have been selling these since day one of CVC and was probably one of the first products ever to be added to our shop. We have sold hundreds with 100% customer satisfaction and like most things on our shop we use them most weekends ourselves. Why go marine grade? Well look how close it is to the sink draining board and the cooker, when cooking meals pans of liquid or kettles will be passed over the area directly above the power points. The Blue Sea USB twin charger is NOT one of those cheap Ebay numbers that melt (Lots about this on the T25 Club Facebook page) and gives out the full 2.1 amps on both points at the same time so doesn’t just keep your cameras, phones and other gadgets alive when plugged in but will actually charge them quickly. The cheapo melty ones half the output on each point when you plug two things in at once, this is probably why those melt at the back!

One power point is never enough… These days most things charge using a USB connection and because we use the Blue Sea double USB one ourself we knew that when we had the vent plates manufactured here in south London the standard cigarette lighter point on your vans dash board is smaller than the hole that the Bluesea charger requires. If you ever see other single power point plates available at the time of us writing this (especially the jazzy looking ones) the chances are the cut out hole is way to small for a quality modern USB power point. It will only take a an old fashioned cigarette lighter socket with the same hole size as the dash board and not much plugs into those these days right! That said we have kept this as an option on the CVC one just incase you do need it for that trusty old 12v DVD player or TV that you bring out on rainy evenings or for the kids. The 12v flip front sockets that only fit in the small hole size like in the dash board are great for in the front where you don’t get any people or kids messing around but in the rear the flip fronts would snap off for sure, especially next to the rear table. We thought of this so the CVC one has a waterproof 12v old style plug connector that matches the Blue Sea USB one . These rubber fronts will never snap off and are a whole lot safer than anything else out there.


We are not into making or supplying crummy budget un considered options here at CVC, if you want those then your best bet is Ebay. CVC has invested it’s time and experience as camper van owners to bring you what we consider the absolute best design and quality available at a realistic price and will continue to do so for you all.

No more reaching for your device only to find it hasn’t charged.

  • Compatible with popular devices (Iphone, Ipad, Smart phones, Go Pro, Sat Nav)
  • Protective caps
  • Easy to use
  • Professionally powder coated in Westfalia grey and brown

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