Westfalia Pop Top Skylight Dismantling & Reassembly

This video is to mainly show you how to replace the operator on a VW T25/T3/Vanagon Westfalia pop top camper van. More often than not the plastic rollers snap off with age but fear not, now we have new ones on the CampervanCulture.com web shop if you click here. We do pretty much every part for a pop top roof so if it is broken we are the first place you should try with prices that are rarely beaten.

There is also a little extra gadgetry and insight into other products that we are working on right now at CampervanCulture.com.

Westfalia Pop Top Skylight Dismantling & Reassembly from CampervanCulture.com on Vimeo.

1 thought on “Westfalia Pop Top Skylight Dismantling & Reassembly


    Hi Jed….fitted the items i got off you the other week for my Skylight….works a treat now….the only thing we need ….is that MOSQUITO MESH….im using netting at m with velcro…but the rigid ones from Australia look great…if u can get em???…..cheers George.
    will be fittinhg my Awning hen it arrives 🙂

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